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Once a month or once a week, we clean our residence. No doubt it seems a daunting task, and there is no denying the fact. Cleaning the house is neither simple nor easily manageable. An apartment or a residence has got several sections that have to get cleaned. Taking professional help is an easy alternative but comes with a certain cost. If you are not willing to bear the cost, you do it yourself.

Many a time cleaning the house without professional help lead to an incomplete process. Somewhere or other corners of your house will remain uncleaned, which is definitely not an acceptable deal. In such a case, the only alternative that remains is crafting an editable cleaning schedule template PDF.

Have you tried cleaning using the cleaning schedule template? If you haven’t before, then do it right now and use it on your next cleaning hours. For your information, the professional cleaners essentially use their customized professional cleaning schedule templates to make sure not to leave a single corner of the dwelling.

What is a Cleaning Schedule?

A cleaning schedule is a written-down program used to run an effective and complete cleaning process. In the cleaning schedule, every corner of an apartment or a resident is taken into account, and accordingly, the timetable is prepared. The main purpose of creating a cleaning schedule template is to make sure no part of the house is left uncleaned.

If a cleaning schedule is formed, you could do it as written. You take time, know your house well, register the portions to be deep cleaned, divide them into categories and then start the process.

Knowing where to start is the difficult part of cleaning a house, an office, or any other department. When you can visualize the amount of work to be done, the first thing that we question is where to start. This difficulty is easily resolved with a cleaning schedule. This is why the professional cleaners who are in the cleaning business essentially set their customized cleaning schedule.

Printable Cleaning Schedule Templates

Daily, Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Schedule Template


Master Cleaning Schedule Template

Deep Cleaning Schedule Template

Master Cleaning Schedule Template 001 Deep Cleaning Schedule Template
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Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template (1)


Excel Cleaning Schedule Template

House Cleaning Checklist Template

Sample Cleaning Schedule Template 001 Editable House Cleaning Checklist Template 001
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Why form Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Schedules?

If it is our house, we do some chores daily. The daily routine does consist of the cleaning process, but it is not a whole. Except for usual things, there is a lot more work to do than we usually do in a month or a week. So if you categorize the cleaning schedule as well, the process would be a lot easier, and it’s surely will not give you a headache.

The professional method state the cleaning schedule is to be divided into three sections. If you are not a professional but want to create a disciplined routine of cleaning your house or your office, then you must invest your time to build the house cleaning schedule template in these basic types:

1. Daily cleaning schedule.

The household chores you do regularly come under the daily cleaning schedule. The thing that we need to do daily is to be listed here. It includes doing bed, preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen, washing the clothes, dusting the house, sweeping, mopping, decluttering the mailbox, cleaning kitchen counters, Kitchen sinks, and others.

2. Weekly cleaning schedule.

The weekly cleaning schedule is a bit heavy than the daily cleaning schedule. It might be the work you do daily but on a large scale. You like cleaning the dishes, dusting the home, doing the laundry are the basic things that are done daily but as the week passes by, you need to clean the laundry and sanitize it, declutter the kitchen unessentially, wash the carpets, rugs, washing and drying the bedsheet, cushion covers, curtains, etc.

3. Monthly cleaning schedule.

You could also call it meaning schedule as it includes the task done once in a month, or 2 months. If you clean the house as you have planned in your daily and weekly cleaning schedule you do not require a monthly cleaning schedule as much. But it is a must to do for retail stores, garments shops, restaurants, salons, and spas. These areas are mostly visited by different kinds of people. Therefore, a monthly cleaning schedule is extremely essential to restrain parasites from building up.

The daily cleaning schedule template and the weekly cleaning schedule template are majorly used in hospitals, houses, apartments, office buildings to maintain cleanliness. In actuality, we cannot disregard the significance of the Weekly and daily cleaning processes. The dust and pollution more or less build up in every house or shop, therefore cleaning regularly are essential.

But the roadside shops, malls, food counters should definitely craft a monthly cleaning schedule and incorporate the usage of disinfectants, and other anti-germ building processes.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule Template

Monthly Cleaning Schedule Template


Weekly cleaning lists

Floor Cleaning Schedule Template

Changeable Cleaning Schedule Template Floor Cleaning Schedule Template
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4 Week plan Cleaning Schedule Template

Long Form Cleaning Schedule Template


Warehouse Cleaning Schedule 

Food Safety Cleaning Schedule Template

Berkey Creamery Plant Cleaning Schedule Template Food Safety Monthly Cleaning Schedule Template
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Workplace Cleaning Schedule

Workplace Cleaning Schedule Template


Office Cleaning Schedule Template

Printable Household Cleaning Schedule Template

Office Cleaning Schedule Template Customizable Household Cleaning Schedule Template
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Cleaning Schedule Template 001


How to Organize a Good Cleaning Schedule?

Whether it is a professional or a person who wants to clean their own house using a proper plan, a good cleaning schedule template would essentially require good ideas and initiations. Without any preparation, if you sit with pen and paper and start lining down the schedules and the tasks to be done, you would miss out on some of the Essentials. Therefore prepping yourself before creating a schedule is essential.

Take a look at how effectively using a good process, you can eventually create a good cleaning schedule template.

1. Take a look at the area.

You must have planned an area to clean. Take a look at the entire area, if it is your office or home, and see the tasks. After you check them out, you have an idea of the amount of time the cleaning process would take and how long it is going to be. Your conception will help you schedule the cleaning process easily.

The area you need to look for a good cleaning schedule are provided below. Considering all portions of your house apartment or office building is the foremost thing to do. Based on the sections that were categorized, you will further allocate the chores.

In a free cleaning schedule template, you include the category in a column and the subsequent columns and rows will be used to fill out the things to do. So here are the essential components of a good cleaning schedule template.

a. Living room.

If you recently got a client, and while you make a customized cleaning schedule template at the request of the client, put the living room as the first point in your agenda. The living room is the portion of the house that is well decorated, and it would not be wrong to say that the living room happens to be the favorite room of all. Since it is the space people used to spend most of their time and even attend guests.

Therefore, the cleaning process should start with the living room. Put the living room first in your checklist.

b. Kitchen.

The pantry and the kitchen is the space where people spend valuable time and would like to see them neat and clean. We all know the kitchen is difficult to part to clean because of its month-old oil and grime. Cleansing the soiled walls, all settlements, the bacteria and germs, the odor that propagates is a time-consuming process. Therefore cleaning it is the second most important thing to be in your training schedule checklist.

Ask your members to carry the disinfectant and other bacteria-killing sprays. These are the essential items to Deep clean the kitchen. If you are doing it of your own house, then bring it from any retail shop, use gloves, put on a mask, and start the process.

c. Bedroom.

The bedroom is the cozy place where people spend the least amount of time but quality time. The bedroom is where we relax after a tiring day and take a nap. You might think of washing the bathroom first but if the entrance of the bathroom is through your bedroom, then it is essential to clean the bedroom beginning.

A clean and comfortable bedroom could only be achieved if you use vacuum cleaners to draw the week-old dust and declutter the non-essential items. We often tend to clutter things in the things, mostly in the bedroom and the living room. In the process of decluttering the items, not required will be in the process.

d. Bathroom.

We can only clean ourselves, dispose of all our stress in the bathtub, wash off our emotional agony through the shower when the place is clean. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most important places to be disinfectant and deep cleaned. The old shampoo bottles, hygiene products, bathroom cleaning appliances are to be cleaned while cleaning the bathroom.

e. Corridors.

After checking the essential corners of your house, the only place that remains are the corridor and the stairs. In our free time, we walk in the corridor, have some chit-chat with friends, sometimes get on a small party, do our creative things, just relax. All of these elements will be intact once you clean the corridor and the stairs. People often tend to leave out these places after cleaning the bedroom, kitchen, and hall. But push yourself a bit and you complete your cleaning process only after sterilizing the stairs and the corridors.

2. See the task frequency.

Determining the frequency of a task is an important step before scheduling the cleaning process. It depends on the kind of room and the sections it has. Like, if you have a dog in your house, you have to add cleaning the dog house and other items of it in the cleaning schedule template. If you have a guest room, you might need to clean it once a month or a year. So as per your requirement, you could select the task frequency and set the cleaning schedule template accordingly.

3. Assign the days.

These days we are always on our work. Even if it is work from home, the responsibility is even more, and you have to balance your household as well as your work at the same time. The busy schedule will never allow you to take a day off and use it to clean your house. But being the house cleaning is an essential part of hygiene and health, you either take some time out and utilize it to clean and consider it as work.

The best alternative is to accept the cleaning process as free time. Involve your family members, the adult as well as the kids while cleaning the house, and you will have a good time together.

Like this, you could be easily able to take out some day off from your routine work and perform the activities you would have set for the weekly cleaning schedule template.

4. Write the schedule.

Use an MS Excel sheet or any other spreadsheet to form the schedule. Download a free cleaning schedule template as well to get your hands on a readymade document. Have a look at our house cleaning schedule templates and download them if you want.

Start scheduling the cleaning process in your way. But the best way is to determine the kind of schedule you are making, including the elements mentioned above one after the other, make subheads to list down the activities to be done for each room of your house.

5. Assign the task to others.

Cleaning the entire house single-handedly is a daunting process and tiring as well. Ask your house members to participate in the process. The involvement of others in the cleaning makes it a fun activity and seems light.

Discuss with your clients in detail the depth of cleaning they are expecting from you. Knowing the client’s expectations would help you schedule the process. Enquire about the time they could give your team. Ask if they have any special or additional requests. This collective info will prove to be useful while creating the customized house cleaning schedule template for the clients.

Doing it yourself is much heavier than having a professional team, but your request to your family members or out of their own responsibility, you and the members would make a good team. With our article, you could make a cleaning schedule and assign the tasks to the people. The best way to hold them till the last is to assign the tasks they are good at or they want to do by themselves. Forcing has never been successful, therefore bring a team and clean your residence.

Daily Cleaning Schedule Template Short Form Cleaning Schedule Template
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Daily editable cleaning schedule template

Daily Cleaning Schedule Template 001


Cleaning Schedule Template 002 Fillable Cleaning Schedule Template
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Daily cleaning schedule Sign off

Reception cleaning schedule template

Daily Cleaning Schedule Sign Off Template Reception Cleaning Schedule Template
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Covid -19 cleaning schedule Checklist template

Weekly cleaning schedule template excel Format

COVID-19 Cleaning Schedule Checklist Template Cleaning Schedule Template 003
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Example cleaning schedule template

Example Cleaning Schedule Template


Cleaning schedule template covid-19

Sample cleaning schedule 

Daily Cleaning Schedule And Record Form Template Cleaning Sample Schedule Template
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