26+ Investment Tracking Spreadsheets (Google Sheets & Excel)

Investors are the sole users of investment tracking spreadsheets. Investing money in mutual funds, company shares, bonds, real estate is a preference of the investors but tracking the financial performance of the investment in the market is essential. To keep track of the Investments, the investors use pre-existing applications or customizable Investment Tracking Spreadsheets like Google sheets, or Excel.

Investors are widely benefited by the investment tracking spreadsheet templates. It keeps the investors informed of where they have made investments if multiple investments are the case. Aside from that, it functions as tracking the performance of the investment in the market. Whether it is a big amount or small, as an investor, you are spending money with the hope of Return In investment.

Although the money is going out from your balance, in accounting terms, investment is still considered an asset as it is a procedure to grow the existing money. You might receive the return by profit if invested in the saleable assets, or by the accumulation of gains if invested in the return generating plan. In irrespective of the cases, an investment tracking spreadsheet happens to be crucial and beneficial.

What is an Investment Tracking Spreadsheet?

An investment tracking spreadsheet is a document by investors to track the invested fund and measure the financial performance of the same in the exchange. It is in the form of a spreadsheet that consists of information on the Investments, their category, shares, price change, portfolio percentage, and other data.

A stock investment tracking spreadsheet template helps organize the investment information in a single document. Besides making the tracking process easier, the investment tracking spreadsheet template Excel helps competition to the investment status as well.

Investors are no doubt well benefited by the templates. Knowing about the advantages for the benefit of an investment tracking spreadsheet would assist you in deciding on if to craft it.

Investment Tracking Spreadsheets


Asset Allocation Spreadsheet Template


Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Spreadsheets

Dividends Investment Tracking Spreadsheets

Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template Dividends Investment Tracking Template
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Financial Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

Financial Portfolio Template


Investment Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheets

Investment Return Tracking Spreadsheets

Investment Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet Template Investment Return Tracking Spreadsheet Template
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What Benefits an Investor Earn through an Investment Tracking Spreadsheet?

The usage of the stock tracking spreadsheet or the investment tracking spreadsheet, call it by which name, is found to be beneficial to the investors. The spreadsheet crafted in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel serves as a convenient tool or a good platform to record the investments and their fluctuations.

The investors in the process for many years must have invested in multiple prospects. Having years of experience, the investors prefer to use the investments tracking spreadsheet to record the investment data.

An investment tracking spreadsheet has a definite purpose and if crafted professionally, benefits the investors in the following ways:

a. The tracking spreadsheet for investment lines down the investment data in a single customizable document, creating a better visualization, and therefore, building a solid tracking process.

b. Being the record investment in a single document, it helps the investors keep a record on the stock purchased, time of sale, dividend, income via accumulated profit, return on capital, fall in price and rise in price, and more elements like portfolio percentage and splits.

c. The investors could easily take the financial decisions since they had an accurate record of the share movement.

d. When invested in multiple places, using the investment tracking spreadsheet template, an investor could categorize the kind of Investments along with the places.

e. It served as a convenient tool to register international investment as well.

In simple investment tracking spreadsheets, there are fewer complications that mean the contents are less but effective. To keep a track of your Investments, their performance in the market, the ups and downs, you require a few elements only.

As an investor, you can take control of the investment tracking template and be the right investment tracker. If you want deeper transaction details in the investment tracking spreadsheet template, it would increase the complications. Therefore we suggest you keep it limited to the elements it is required. Additional elements often tend to distract the investors and fall in their compilation.

Pamm Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Property Investment Tracking Spreadsheets

PAMM Investment Tracking Template Property Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template
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Stock Investment Tracking Spreadsheets

Stock Investment Tracking Sheet Template


Sample Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template Editable Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template
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When Do we Need an Investment Tracking Spreadsheet?

Generally, the investors with multiple investments are recommended to build a changeable investment tracking spreadsheet template. But the investors who do not have different investments could download a fillable investment tracking spreadsheet template to keep an accurate record of the investment performance.

It is a good habit to maintain an investment tracking spreadsheet irrespective of the places of your investment. The new investors must practice the investment tracking spreadsheet so they could have accuracy in their calculation. But an individual or an investor would only spend their effort and time behind an investment tracking spreadsheet template only if they become aware of its reasons. So here is why you must get an investment tracking spreadsheet excel template.

a. Maintain a single document.

Having multiple investments is profitable when you are aware of each of the Investments fluctuations. So much information about every investment is hard to maintain therefore, having an investment tracking spreadsheet template could let you compile all the investment information in a single document.

The one location would help you monitor each investment well without taking much of your time. You could visualize the picture of the financial position of the investments and take action accordingly.

b. Invest in good planning.

As we said, the stock tracking spreadsheet is a compilation of every investment in a single document. When you see each of them together, you can easily comprehend its current financial status and based on that you could make better planning in future.

Not only it is about the future prospect it is also about your current decisions on when you purchase and sell shares and bonds. It is only possible when you allocate your assets accurately.

c. Asset allocation and investment strategies.

The information in your investment tracking spreadsheet template is evidence of how you allocate your assets. On certain terms, you must have decided to allocate your assets and use them for investment. Your investment strategy is largely dependent on what basis you have put the assets in investment.

Your current investment tracking spreadsheet is the tool that will assist you to take the investment strategies to the next level. The records of your Investments help you make informed decisions.

d. Keep track of your investment.

The most significant reason for purpose of building an investment tracking spreadsheet template is to keep track of the investment and its financial performance in the market. Any individual associated with different platforms needs to maintain a spreadsheet that would help them trail the ups and downs of the share prices in the market.

Gauging the overall performance of the investment is best done with an investment tracking spreadsheet. The change in the price of the shares, Bonds, changes in portfolio percentage, the categorizations, and the companies you have invested in is all transparent through the spreadsheet templates.

When you build and commence using the investment tracking spreadsheet template, you will better understand why you need an investment tracker.

Portfolio Holding Investment Tracking Spreadsheets

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template 001


Stock portfolio tracker Spreadsheet

Investment tracking spreadsheet google sheets

Investment Tracking Worksheet Template Changeable Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template
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Stock portfolio excel spreadsheet download Sample Template

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Sample

Investment Portfolio Spreadsheet Template Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template 002
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Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet

Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker Template


Best free stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet.

Stocks managing is convenient with a stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet. Your investment in the stocks would be well taken care of with the tracking spreadsheet template. This helps rebalance the investment in the stocks.

With some simple and easy steps, one could is keep a track of their stocks.

Setting up a portfolio tracker and listing the stocks would be the first step to building the tracking spreadsheet.

Keeping up with the trends of the market is the next step to tracking the stock portfolio.

Reading the report weekly or annually.

With these simple steps, one can keep a track of their stock portfolio and maintain it well enough. Even if it doesn’t go well in the first phase, then the experience would work on the next for sure.

Cryptocurrency investment tracking spreadsheet.

Cryptocurrency is one of the trendings monetary values running well in the market. One of the top business organizations and houses that are busy investing in cryptocurrencies and earn double of its dividend. Well because of its new Strategies and business opportunity investing in cryptocurrencies are considered a good investment.

But keeping track of the cryptocurrency investment is one of the major proceedings to be maintained by the investors. Therefore, adopting a cryptocurrency investment tracking spreadsheet is essential. This template would help the investors maintain their cryptocurrency and prevent them from losing a track of it. There are several applications as well that serve in tracking cryptocurrencies and their investment.

Simple Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Example 

Investment Tracking Changeable Spreadsheet Template Closed Trades And Tax Summary Template
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Fillable Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template


How to Craft an Investment Tracking Spreadsheet?

Building investment tracking in a spreadsheet is the best way. The tabular format helps to categorize the type of investment and monitor it well. If you have determined to craft the investment tracker in the form of a spreadsheet, then there are two possible ways.

1. Google spreadsheet.

One of the convenient tools is utilizing Google spreadsheet till the time you are logged in to Google you could access your investment tracking spreadsheet from anywhere on the globe. It will keep your tracking spreadsheet updated in an automatic manner using the financial resources.

2. MS Excel.

One of the best tools for every technical work and for investment tracking as well. This customizable document will help you get access to the spreadsheet just like the Google spreadsheet. Aside from them, you can use its different features, mathematical formulation, and other designs to customize it the way you want.

Long Form Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template Portfolio Investment Tracker Template
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Sample Investment Tracker Template Customizable Investment Tracking Spreadsheet Template
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Stock Market Portfolio Worksheet Template Investment Tracking Editable Spreadsheet Template
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