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Citizens and non-citizens of a country seeking a new job require a social security number. Social security numbers make the person eligible to draw social security benefits and government services. The citizens of a country already hold the social security card and its nine-digit number that connects with them to the social security Agency. But if you are a non-citizen or a non-resident looking forward to having a new job in the country, you need to apply for a social security card.

This is a government-oriented card that is not crafted personally. Other than the Government of the particular country, no other agency is authorized to frame such social security cards with social security card template. Using a fillable social security card template, any unauthorized agencies, if they try to build a fake social security card, would be subject to legal issues.

What is Social Security Card?

A social security card template is a fillable document used by government social security agencies to build authentic social security cards for both residents and non-residents. Every citizen of the country received a 9 digit number of social security cards that make them eligible to avail of government services and other social security benefits.

An original social security card is valid, but if in case it is misplaced, on application, an individual could get temporary social security that is valid up till 30 days. The application of a social security card is essential for the citizens and for the ones wishing to be residents of the country. Several documents like birth certificate, passport, proof of Identity, and other essential documents are required to submit to the government agency. After verification of the authenticity of the original documents, after certain days the social security agency issues the social security card.

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Blank social security Card Template

Free editable blank social security card template

Social Security Card Template 001 Editable Social Security Template
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Fillable Social Security Card Template


What are the Applications of a Social Security Card?

A social security card, along which comes the social security number is an important element of the social security card. This number plays a major role in a citizen’s lifestyle and is also used by the government to keep track. Here are the grounds that is essentially required the social security card for the social security number.

a. The government uses the social security number to keep track of individual employment years and earnings.

b. On retiring, the eligibility of an individual is determined with the social security number thereby, helping to calculate the benefit payments.

c. The social security number is the reference number that the government uses to know about the contribution of an individual to social security.

d. The social security card is helpful to obtain credit from Financial Institutions.

e. Besides this it is also essential while opening a bank account.

f. While purchasing a car or home or availing of any private insurance, the social security number is asked for verification.

g. Majorly it is adopted by the individual so they could become eligible to avail the government social security services and other benefits.

h. Just before handing you the offer letter, the new place of employment asks for the social security number.

i. Employers of a company utilize the social security card and its number to report the income of the employees to the internal revenue service(IRS).

j. It is utilized by employers to report to the social security administration about the social security wages.

The social security card and its number have widened its purpose. Now the social security number is considered as the basis of verification and authentication of any individual, whether resident or non-resident. Due to this obligation, the non-residents hoping to be a citizen of the country applies for the social security card to the government agency along with other original documents.

Social security card template front and back free Design 

Blank fillable social security card template

Social Security Sample Card Template Social Security Act Customizable Template
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Social Security Card Template 002


How to Arrange a Real Social Security Card?

Only government agencies have the authorization to build an original social security card. To get your social security card, fulfill the necessary legal formalities, submit some original documents. Past fulfilling the formalities, at the perfect time, you will be handed over your real and free social security card.

Let us first tell you about the documents you are required to submit while applying for the social security card.

1. Proof of citizenship.

The country you are residing in must have provided you with some proof of citizenship. You need to showcase such documents to the agency to prove your citizenship. In case you are a non-resident, produce your passport.

2. Proof of Identity.

One of the essential documents is the proof of Identity that says about your citizenship, birth date, residential place, and parents. The identity proof can be of various types. Every document isn’t considered identity proof. Only specific documents are the evidence to show your proof of Identity. The documents are-

a. Passport.

b. Drivers license.

c. Birth certificate.

d. State-issued identification card.

Due to any reason, if an individual is unable to produce such documents, as an alternative, they could showcase other documents. The social security Agency allows the individual to find the replacement of the above-stated documents within 10 days if not, then you must produce these documents-

a. School identification card.

b. Employee identification card.

c. Military identification card.

d. Health Insurance card.

3. Date of birth.

An individual’s date of birth is required in every legal document. Along with other documents, you need to present your birth certificate as well. If the birth certificate is not available currently if you could produce it-

a. Passport.

b. Hospital record.

c. Any religious record that showcases your birthdate before you turned 5.

Usually, the country citizens have their citizenship document along with their social security card and its number. But in case, the individual who has just turned 12 or above, but doesn’t require a social security number, you need to present these documents-

a. Previous passport, if any.

b. Current passport that is appropriate to showcase your living outside the country.

c. School record that shows the same.

d. If you had been living outside your country for a long time for employment or education purposes, show the proof.

But if you were in the country, and doesn’t have the social security card template yet, then you need to present-

a. School information you attended.

b. Tax records.

Social security card template pdf free Design

Blank social security card template with seal

Customizable Social Security Template Changeable Social Security Template
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How to Apply for a New Social Security Card?

Applying for a new social security card is only required if you lose the card or change its details. If you lose the card, you could request the replacement for free. This Legal procedure draws some time, in between you could utilize your temporary social security card, but it is valid only after 30 days.

Till this time frame, if you could easily apply for a social security card replacement. This process has a different mechanism to be followed. The agency would ask you for some verification that would lead you to produce some documents.

a. Present proof of identity, if you want to replace your social security card.

b. If you have any document to showcase right then, then any document that is enough to prove your identity and your citizenship in the country is accepted.

c. The non-citizen or the individual born outside the country must provide their citizenship document, or give proof of employee identification card.

d. Due to some errors, the individuals are often required to change the personal details in the social security card. On such request in the security, the agency would ask you to prove your identity, showcase the changes to be made, and state the reason for the change.

While applying for the new social security card, you need to go through the following steps-

1. Fill out the social security card-5 application form collected from the social security Agency.

The feeling process could be done at their office or home at your convenience.

2. To apply it online, go to their website download the social security card template, fill it up, and submit. In not more than 10 days the social security card will be at your door.

3. While filling up the form make sure you feel every bit of the application form and attach the requested documentation. In the place of a signature, make sure you put the right initial and follow the same style of Signature you do in other places, or else it might get rejected.

The absence of necessary documents could also stand as one of the major causes of your application rejection.

4. If there is a request for social security card update, where you want the social security agency to bring some changes in the details incorporated in the card, add the changes. You might also attach some documentation that contains the spelling and information about yourself. It might help them to update it with the right information.

Remember to state the reason as to why you want to make the changes. Suppose if there is an error in the spelling of your guardian’s name, then state it in the box of reason.

5. Proofread the application form before submitting it. If you have applied online, then go to their website again, and post it.

If it is strictly the paperwork you have chosen, then you must visit the agency and submit the paper in hand.

It is the common procedure to follow proposing a replacement of your social security card. Besides the case often people if they could print the social security card of their own. Being it a government document, no other individual or entity is authorized to print the real or fake social security card, unless they desire legal upshots. Instead, it is better to apply legally on the proper platform.

Within 10 days, you would have your new social security card with the accurate information. After you receive the original and the new social security card, discard the temporary one you have been using.

Some people wonder what if they download their social security card directly from the website. But such action is considered illegal. The only way to get access to the new social security card is to visit the office or else they would send it to your doorstep. Due to several other security reasons, the government hasn’t allowed individuals to print it out directly.

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Fillable Social Security Act Template


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