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Irrespective of change in generations, the significance of the place setting template hasn’t been expunged. Although there has been a shift in the table place setting, the essence is alike. Today, the table setting for weddings, personal dinners, formal place setting template is a real job of individuals. The professionals have clients contact them to have a guide on setting up a place or table. The experts use their knowledge of etiquette and different place setting styles and set it up accordingly.

For the professionals, the place setting or the table setting either for weddings or any formal event is an intimidating task. In the new decade, the table setting style has evolved and taken a new direction, therefore, the client is curious about the new style. Matching up to the client’s expectation might sometimes get challenging, therefore a good and new place setting card templates must be in hand.

What is a Place Setting?

A place setting is a guide used to set up a place table in casual, formal, and basic table setting styles. It is a designed table set as per the usual rule. It considers the table etiquette and accordingly formats the place setting templates.

The event planners get hold of table setting templates and set the tables for the client respectively. It contains a detailed description of how to set a table for different places. If it is a formal lunch, the setup of the table will be different from that of the lavish dinner party at the house.

These days each person is concerned about the table setting manners and practices it at home on weekends. Not only do the professionals ask for a place setting template, if not parallelly, but the usual people are also curious about the table setting etiquette and they use it while any guest comes over to their house for dinner or lunch. It is a good knowledge to have since it helps you in every place irrespective of its sumptuous style.

Place Setting Templates

Setting the Table Template


Sample Place Setting Template


Customizable Place Setting Template


Formal Place Setting

Place Setting Practice Template

Formal Place Setting Template Place Setting Practice Template
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How to Professionally Set a Place?

Setting a place in a cordial style is a wish of every individual, whether it is the client or the event planner. But there goes a lot in a proper place setting template since it is variant in style. Rather than diving into each style and its element, it is better to put up a basic format and the factors to consider while prepping it.

Each place setting templates free is discussed later in the content. But it is better to know about the factors before learning about each element of the place setting template types.

1. Table Influences.

The foremost factor of a place setting is the influence it creates. The food appearance, the vibes, and its environment is a crucial thing to consider. It is because no matter how good you are in setting up a place and a table, if it doesn’t influence the guest, it’s not done well.

2. Tableware.

Know the ingredients of tableware and put them on the list. Like a formal dining or an informal lunch includes the flatware, glassware, and dinnerware. But in a strict formal lunch or breakfast, it might only include the dinnerware and flatware.

Discussion with the client is more appropriate to decide which tableware is for the place setting template.

3. Napkin.

Past determining the tableware and the table influences, is the placement of napkins that are considered important. Proper placement of a napkin wraps up a good place setting template.

The content or the element of a place setting a template, although in here, but there exists a lot of intricate detail that we need to discuss to know how to set up a table. More importantly, we need to discuss the tableware and its components.

The British lifestyle is quite focused on the place setting template and they constantly are in a growing change of more towards the contemporary mode. Their classifications of dinnerware or tableware justify its experience. Let’s see what are the components of the place setting templates and how the dinnerwares is defined.

Based on its usage, the tableware is classified into-

1. Serveware– The things used to bring the dishes.

2. Dinnerware– The dishes used to eat the food served.

3. Flatware/ Silverware– The cutlery used to eat the food.

4. Glassware/ Drinkware– used to serve the drinks.

Definition of Serveware.

The containers used to bring the food to the table are serveware.

It includes serving bowls, platters, gravy boats, ladle, salad bowls, casseroles, soup pots, teapots, dessert bowls, and other utensils.

Each of the utensils mentioned is for different uses. For example, the soup pots are used to put the soups, the gravy boat contains the gravy, the casseroles are used to keep the foods hot, the salad bowls for salads and the entire goes on like this.

Definition of Dinnerware.

The plate from which we eat is called the dinnerware.

It is also called Chinaware that includes different plates of different sizes and shapes. It generally includes the salad plate, soup bowl, butter plate, and serving plate. Each of the utensils used to serve the food has different functions.

Definition of Flatware or Silverware.

The flatwares or the silverware are the cutleries used to eat the food.

It covers the salad fork, fish fork, dinner fork, butter knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon, salad knife, meal knife, fish knife, soup spoon, and seafood fork. Each of them is used in different place setting styles.

Definition of Drinkware or Glassware.

You must have understood that the glass where are the items used to you have the drinks by the name.

This category covers water Goblet glass, champagne flute, Sherry glass, white wine glass, and red wine glass. Do not mistake the theory that the white wine glass, the red wine glass, and the champagne glass are set up on a single table. If in the dinner menu it is the red wine that will be served then only the Red wine glass is kept along with the water goblet.

Based on these four classifications of a table where you can decide which one to put on the place setting template.

Setting up a good table without proper utensils or cutleries is a myth. If you wish to set up a good table, firstly you require a place setting template, and then the bunch of necessary serveware, dinnerware, silverware, and glassware.

Place Setting Example

Name Place Setting Template Sample

Place Setting Examples Template Fillable Place Setting Template (1)
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Dinner Place Setting Template 

Sample Table Setting Template


Food Showdown and Table Setting Event Template


Table Setting Workshop Tips

Printable How to Set The Table Guide

Table Setting Workshop Tips Template Table Setting Format Template
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Proper Table Setting Template

DownloadFormal Table Setting Template


What Kind of Place Setting Templates are there?

There are three kinds of the place setting styles. As per the client demand, you can set up the table usually in these three styles-

1. Basic place setting template.

2. Casual place setting template.

3. Formal place setting template.

We need to know the difference between the place setting templates and how different is the process.

Sample Table Settings

Formal Place Setting

Table Setting Quick Tip Template Formal Place Setting Tip Template
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Changeable Place Setting Template


Table Setting Guide Template Label the Dining Tools and Place Settings Template
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Table Setting Fillable Template


How to Set the Table?

To experience the complete joy of eating, you need to know how to set up a place table well. Even if it is a personal dinner you are hoping to have tonight, no doubt a good place set up as a starter and a portion of good food as a meal is enough to give you the paradisiacal experience.

You do it yourself only when you know the components. There are components of tableware that define the basic place setting template. Learning them and practicing them on weekend will make you a pro and you can invest it when the guest comes over who is equally focused on the right etiquette.

1. Basic Place Setting Template.

When: On the weekend, every member of your family gathers at the dinner table, the basic place setting template work here. Whether it is the dinner, the launch, or the breakfast, you just have to know the basic place setting style and you are good to go.

Requirements: In a basic place setting template, you would require the placemat, the cutlery, the dinnerware, a few water goblets, and a napkin would be sufficient.

Process: Set up the basic place setting template in a simple manner. No hard and fast rule is included so so you can keep flexibility in the procedure, as it is the family members or the friends who will be together at the table.

a. Put a good table cloth if required or you can add in to add an extra touch.

b. Set the placemat on the table and the dinnerware in the center of it.

c. On the left side put the napkin and over it goes the fork.

d. Place the knife, the blade pointing inwards, on the right side of the dinnerware.

e. The butter plate should be at the left of the dinner plate and write about the fork. Put the butter knife on the top of the butter plate.

f. The spoons must be on the right side of the knife.

g. Lastly the water goblet, keep it at the center of the dinner plate.

2. Casual Place Setting Template.

When: The casual place setting template is adopted when there is a party in the house, where are other than the close friends and family, the colleagues, the business partners, and others are invited. Since it is not a formal get-together, therefore, it is called a casual place setting template that comes in between the formal and the basic.

Requirements: The tableware used in the casual place setting template is limited to its use. Any utensils or cutlery not in use are not brought to the table.

For example, if you haven’t included any soup in the menu, then there is no point in bringing the soup bowl to the table. Similarly, if it is red wine you will be serving at the party, then keep the white wine glass or champagne flute. At the party, if there is no salad preparation, then you are good to go with the meal spoon and fork.

To sum up in a line, bring only those glassware, silverware and dinnerware required.

Process: The process of setting up a casual place is not similar to the basic, since it is more than your family and friends to be sitting around the table. So the process could go a bit formal-

a. As usual start by placing the placemat around the table.

b. The dinner plate goes over the placemat and at the center of it.

c. The salad plate on the top of the dinner plate, and the soup bowl come over it.

d. Put the knife on the right side of the plate and then the spoon next to it.

e. On the left side of the dinner plate goes the napkin and the fork on the top of it.

f. The water goblet goes over the knife and the white wine or red wine glass on its side.

g. It would be better to keep another glass for other beverages.

The fork and the spoons are to be placed according to the meals served. If you have fish on the menu but the fish fork, fish knife, and fish spoon, or else skip it. In case you want to add a place card, place it right above the dinner plate and below the water goblet.

3. Formal Place Setting Template.

When: As you can see from the formal place setting template, the party isn’t really about friends, rather it is more inclined to business conversations. In this kind of gathering, all the business individuals from different houses and industries are invited to have a small meet up and then take the conversation further in a business deal over other business dinner or lunch.

Requirements: The elements used in a formal place setting template are like a casual place setting, but there goes a lot more than the casual one. A formal place setting template is the charges and not the plate that you use.

So the pieces to use at the formal place setting templet could be napkin, service plate, salad plate, soup bowls, soup spoon, salad spoon and fork, bread plates and butter knife, dessert spoon, seafood fork, fish fork, dinner fork, water goblet, red and white wine glass, champagne flute and sherry glasses.

Process: If you are known to the casual place setting process then it would be easy for you.

a. Lay table cloth or placemats on the tables.

b. Secure the charger (dinner plate) on each of the seats.

c. On the left side of the charger goes the napkin and the salad fork, the Dinner Fork, the fish fork on the top of it.

d. On the top left side of the charger goes the bread plate and the butterknife on the top of it.

e. Put the knife and the spoons on the left side of the charger.

f. Make sure the silverware is placed at an equal distance and in alignment.

g. Put the dessert spoon about the charger pointing right.

h. Place the water goblet right above the knife, and then on its side goes the champagne flute, red wine glass, white wine glass, and sherry glass,

i. If you have arranged a place card then settle it above the charger and right below the goblet and the champagne flute.

j. Avoid putting all the dinnerware all at a time. Before reaching the dinner plate or the charger, the soup bowl and the salad plate must be removed.

This is the traditional way of table setting. Make sure the workers clear the salad and soup cutlery, after the finish of its round so it doesn’t look chaotic.

As per the event, follow the place setting template. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday bash, a cozy family dinner, or a business party, you have the place setting the template for each of the events, hence, choose it accordingly

Happy Thanksgiving Place Setting

Printable The Essential Table Setting Guide

Long Form Table Setting Template The Essential Table Setting Guide Template
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Restaurant Table Setting

Table Setting at the Restaurant Template


Visual Representation of table setting Guide on a Chart 

Center Left-Side Right-Side Top
Formal ChargerService Plate

Menu Card


Salad ForkFish Fork

Dinner Fork

Soup SpoonSalad Knife

Dinner Knife

Butter Knife
Butter PlateDessert Fork

Dessert Spoon

White and Red

Wine Glass

Champagne Flute

Water Glass

Informal Service PlateNapkin

Menu Card

Salad ForkDinner Fork Soup SpoonSalad Knife

Dinner Knife

Dessert SpoonWater


Wine Glass

Basic ChargerService Plate


Menu Card

Salad ForkDinner Fork Soup SpoonDinner Knife Water GobletWine Glass
Buffet NapkinMenu Card Salad ForkDinner Fork Soup SpoonDinner Knife Water GobletWine Glass

Format of Setting The Table Template


Free printable placemats templates

Table Place Setting Example Template

Customizable Proper Table Setting Template Table Setting Project Template
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Guidelines Table Setting Template


Formal Dining Table Setting Template Informal Place Setting Template
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Basic Guideline For Table Setting Template


Business Etiquette Formal Place Setting Template


Your Place Setting Template Formal Table Setting Guide Template
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