30+ House Cleaning Checklist Templates (FREE Printables)

Do you want to find home corners to decide where to start the cleaning? Have you tried out a house cleaning checklist template? If you haven’t, then you must get one. A cleaning checklist template would help you categorize the sectors of your house, and you can eventually start the cleaning process with the first category in the list.

House cleaning is no doubt a daunting task, we never want our hands to get into, but unfortunately we cannot skip it; therefore, we keep wondering where to start from as there exist many rooms and furniture. In this circumstance, the only help you can lend to yourself is to craft a house cleaning checklist template or download a professional house cleaning checklist template Excel. You may even ask for the professional help from professional house cleaning services and invest a handful behind it.

The service providers essentially require the professional house cleaning checklist printable or a house cleaning business checklist template free to let the customers know about their services.

What is a House Cleaning Checklist?

A house cleaning checklist template is a plan outlined to schedule the household chores in a series. It helps complete the house cleaning process in a decorous method without leaving it unfinished.

The house cleaning checklist includes the list of cleanings, one needs to do of the house. Whether it is the house owner or the individual running the business of house cleaning, they will require a home cleaning checklist printable, it will help them declutter and organize the bucket of things to do that is currently jumbled up in the mind. As you pen it down in the house cleaning checklist template, you will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Printable House Cleaning Checklist Templates


Daily House Cleaning Checklist Template


Sample Daily House Cleaning Checklist Template

Deep Cleaning House Checklist Template

Sample House Cleaning Template Deep Cleaning House Checklist Template
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Weekly House Cleaning Checklist Template

Professional House Cleaning Checklist Template

Weekly House Cleaning Checklist Template Professional House Cleaning Checklist Template
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Move Out House Cleaning Checklist Sample

Move Out House Cleaning Checklist Template (1)


How to Clean a House Professionally?

Cleaning a house is not a simple task. It requires proper planning and a schedule. Being a service provider, you must make sure the working pattern is professional. The difference between a professional cleaner and a general is quite noticeable. Hence, we provide a before idea. It would give you a concept of the preliminary task and how it must be done.

The different house has a different number of rooms and its object, according to which the checklist varies. Therefore, if you find your checklist strange than that of others, do not worry.

1. Living room.

2. Bedroom.

3. Kitchen.

4. Bathroom.

5. Corridor and Balcony.

6. Laundry.

1. Living room.

There is a load of objects in the living room, and they should be kept at the top of your list. The guest you invite sits in the living room and if it isn’t clean enough, it is definitely not a good impression of yours you give of yourself. Therefore start with the living room of your house and list the following things-

  • Clean sofa.
  • Clean sofa cushions.
  • Dust off the coffee table.
  • Dust off the showcases.
  • Wipe the decorative objects.
  • Clean the lamps.
  • Declutter nonessential belongings.
  • Declutter drawers.
  • Clean aquarium.
  • Transfer dishes to the kitchen.

2. Bedroom.

The bedroom must hold the second position of your agenda. It is a safe and cozy place, so we need to deep clean it. All the bedrooms are clean daily, but the things we pile up in the corner of the room are definitely unwanted. Your client as well would be happier to see the bedroom the cleanest as ever.

  • Declutter the needless.
  • Pack the new items.
  • Do the cupboard.
  • Vacuum the dust.
  • Open and clean the nightstand.
  • Dust off other lights and lamps.
  • Clean the bed.
  • Clean the side stand.
  • Clean the floor.
  • Wash the pillow.
  • Straighten the bedsheets and the pillows.

3. Kitchen.

Just like the bedroom, deep clean the kitchen as well. It is the place where the foods are prepared, hence the counters, appliances, and all other cooking devices must be sterilized and sanitized.

The grime and grease that accumulate on the chimney, kitchen counters, walls need to be cleaned to maintain hygiene. The germs accumulated in the Kitchenware must all be cleaned to perfection.

Look for the things-

  • Wash kitchen counters.
  • Clean kitchen corners.
  • Clean appliances.
  • Clean the microwave inside out.
  • Empty the refrigerator.
  • Clean the vent.
  • Wash the floors.
  • Clean dishwasher.
  • Sanitize sink.

4. Bathroom.

There must be no excuse to clean and sterilize the bathroom as much as possible. It is the place people wash their tensions off and de-stress. A room where we make ourselves clean must be the cleanest ever. So if you are a professional service cleaning provider, then carry the bathroom cleaners along with the chemicals to disappear the stains in the wall and floor.

  • Put the dirty clothes for laundry.
  • Put away the used soap and other empty bathing Essentials.
  • Clean toilet.
  • Declutter the non-essentials.
  • Wash the basin, bathtub, and shower.
  • Wash floors.
  • Clean the door panels, window seals, and baseboards.
  • Disinfect the toilet, doorknob, cabinets, and floor.

5. Corridor and balcony.

Lobbies, corridors, and balconies are the most attended portion of the house. In equal proportion, people keep it clean as they spent their time off in that area, even though it is limited. People tend to keep them decorated and clean by including plants and other decorative lights.

Just like other rooms, they need to be cleaned as well. It usually gets dustier than other rooms as it is exposed outside. Focus on the-

  • Dust off the chairs and tables.
  • Clean the plant pots.
  • Clean the plants.
  • Declutter the non-essentials.
  • Clean the railings.
  • Wash the mats and rugs.

6. Laundry.

Clean the washing machine, wipe off any stains, declutter the rusted racks, clean the floor, categorize the towels, replace the empty detergent bottles with a new one, and do as suggested by the client.

Apart from these, clean the entrance and the stairs in an equal process. The shoe rack, the key holders and other objects in the entrance, and decorative items at the walls decide they must be cleaned.

Weekly Cleaning House Checklist Template

Weekly Cleaning House Checklist Template


Spring Cleaning Checklist Template

Editable House Cleaning Checklist Template

Spring Cleaning Checklist Template Editable House Cleaning Checklist Template
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House Cleaning Checklist Template 001


House Cleaning Checklist Template 002 Weekly Cleaning Checklist Format Template
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What Variants Exist in the Schedule for the House Cleaning Checklist?

If you hire a professional cleaning service, then you might adhere to a weekly or monthly basis. But apart from professional help, we do clean our house daily. If we departmentalize the tasks to be done daily, it would be helpful for you as an owner of the house to keep it clean and it will also help the service provider while they come to clean the house.

For the professional cleaners, using the house cleaning schedule checklist template, categorize the work according to the schedule. If you get clients who want you daily, you can put forward the checklist that your service providers will follow. Similarly, create the list for the weekly and monthly basis as well along with the cost. It will help the client to choose the service at their convenience.

There are three-time schedules that you can apply for-




If you differentiate well, there will be a notable difference between these three categories of time. If you clean your house daily, the load will be less on a week, and a monthly cleaning would be a lot easier. You might not even require to call professional cleaners if you keep yourself consistent in cleaning.

No argument, on the fact, that cleaning is a daunting responsibility that everyone wishes to dust off from their shoulders. But it leads to high costs and more time-consumption. Here we have categorized the daily, weekly, and monthly household chores, and the rest you can figure out yourself.

Full House Cleaning Daily Checklist Template

Running around the house to clean it as guests come in is not a pretty sight. Cleaning the house daily would put the pressure away, and you can sit and relax in the clean house.

1. In the beginning, delegate the responsibility to each member of the house. Include your children above the age of 7 as well in the cleaning process to make a good habit.

2. Do the bed, and dust off the living room.

3. Post-meal preparation, put the dishes and the crockeries in the sink. Wash them off immediately after having the meal by hand or with the help of dishwashers.

4. Wipe the cooktops and the kitchen utensils after the meal preparation. Avoid cluttering the kitchen equipment you used. Wipe off the oil and the spices that fall on the cooktop while cooking the meal immediately, or else it would make a stubborn stain that could be difficult to remove.

Tip: Engage each one of the house members in the dishwashing responsibility to lighten the load on a single individual.

5. Clean the main entrance, kitchen, hall, and clothes daily.

6. Do not pile up the regularly used apparel. Better tell each one of your house members to clean their clothes by themselves except the toddlers and the children.

Dry the clothes immediately after washing. If you put them under the sun, then do it post washing or ask your washing machine to do the same.

7. Segregate the trashes and put them out daily. It is a hygienic environment you create inside your house if you do not put the trash outside daily. Disinfect the growth of germs and insecticide inside the dustbin of your kitchen and bathroom.

8. Put the object in the actual place it is supposed to be in. The house with children is a tough job to keep things in place, but doing it daily will make them understand the procedure as well.

Weekly House Cleaning Checklist Template.

If you are consistent with the daily house cleaning checklist, then the weekly schedule would be a little less. But if you haven’t followed the daily, then include the following things in the weekly checklist as well in a collective form.

1. Wash the rugs, carpets, pillow covers, bedsheets, and curtains and dry them right under the sunlight to avoid any wrinkle and smell.

2. Clean the floors using medicated liquid to disinfect any germs cluttered up for 6 days.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the corners of your room, the lampshades, the back of the fridge, and the sections where there is a possibility of dust cluttering.

4. By using disinfectants, clean the bathroom, toilet, bathtub, shower area, and mirrors.

5. Empty the refrigerators, and declutter the unused food items and the empty sauce bottles. Putting away the stale foods will be a free space and avoid germs build up.

Clean the inside and out of the refrigerator using a washcloth and some detergent. You can also put some disinfectant in the solution to sterilize it.

6. Clean the cooking appliances like micro-oven, grillers, toasters, chimney, and kitchen gas.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule Template.

Creating the monthly schedule for the house cleaning is simple. Just like to schedules, we have made above, you do the monthly schedule as well. You might include the following things in the house cleaning schedule template for a month.

1. Use a vacuum to clean the entire living room and use disinfectant solution to wipe off the entire floor.

2. Clean the top corners of the wall and dust off the walls as well, remove any stain.

3. Disinfect the entire bathroom with all the corners in consideration. Replace the old shampoo, conditioner, detergent solution bottles, and other empty bottles with the new ones.

4. Clean the fridge and put fresh vegetables and fruits. Organize the refrigerator and categorize the food items in the proper block.

5. Clean the broom, and other apps you use daily with a disinfecting solution.

6. Wash the carpets, rug, and other matters of the house after a month. Use a deep cleaning method to remove the dust in the pours.

7. Clean the garden once a month. Declutter the leaves and wash the plant holders. Try planting new trees and flowers in the new pots. If you have a home garden or a home farm, then clean the pots.

Take care of the trees and the shrubs of your garden. Use fertilizers or maintain it in another way, if you are growing organic fruits and vegetables in your garden.

8. Changing the bulbs and other removable lightings is a refreshment, do it if necessary.

Download a cleaning calendar or download a house cleaning checklist template to list them down.

Download a full house cleaning checklist printable to have the readymade format in hand.

Aside from them, you must have a check on other businesses as well. The major difference that would let the client choose any other service provider over you is the pricing. No one wishes to de the hole in the pocket to clean their house; therefore, you need to research the pricing of other competitors as well.

Prepare the house cleaning checklist template by lining up the things your cleaning members would do for the client. Use designs to make it convincing enough, therefore instead of scratch, a professional house cleaning checklist printable would be more convenient.

Long Form House Cleaning Checklist Template

Long Form House Cleaning Checklist Template


Sample Daily cleaning checklist

Daily cleaning checklist template

Weekly House Cleaning Format Template Daily Cleaning House Checklist Template
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To Do Cleaning Checklist Template

Short Form Cleaning Checklist Template


Household Cleaning Schedule Template

Daily Housekeeping Schedule Template

Household Cleaning Schedule Template Daily Housekeeping Schedule Template
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House Cleaning Weekly Schedule Sample

House Cleaning Weekly Schedule Template


Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template

Fillable Cleaning Checklist Template For House & Office

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template Fillable House Cleaning Checklist Template
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Editable Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template


Cleaning Tasks Template

Weekly Cleaning List Template

Cleaning Tasks Template Weekly Cleaning List Template
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Customizable Cleaning Schedule Template


House Cleaning Schedule Template Weekly Cleaning Programme Template
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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Template

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Template


Master Cleaning Schedule Template

Bar Cleaning Checklist

Master Cleaning Schedule Template Bar Cleaning Checklist Template
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