8+ Free Kitchen Remodel Budget Template in Excel and Word

Kitchen Remodel Budget Template can significantly help you plan to remodel your kitchen in the most structured manner. When it comes to remodeling, we start daydreaming. It would be unfair to make a denial of the statement. Why shouldn’t we? Breaking and creating something new to accommodate the specified and limited area is no less than an art. Thus, we can visibly call it bewitching.

As soon as the idea hatches in our minds, we start surfing pictures in the cyberspace. It is one of the favorite hobbies of an individual to find out the modern and latest pictures of what they like. You would get thousands of images on the internet of kitchen models. Be it classical or contemporary, and remodeling requires more than new construction? As it indulges and makes you invest in excess for the first stage, i.e., breaking.

Prior to gearing up for refashion, we need to know about the budget it can cost. Having an estimate would tell you the figures closer to the actual expenses you need to make for the desired output, and a Kitchen Remodel Budget Template could be a handy instrument to list down all the necessary elements. Before further ado, let’s get started with the budgeting elements and preparations.



Kitchen Remodel Budget Template



kitchen remodel budget template in excel



Printable Kitchen Renovation Budget Template

Preparation of Kitchen remodeling budget

Identification –

The overall cost of the budget culminates in the small things constituting the larger area. Many factors are involved in deciding an estimate. But one can have an idea of the amount to be invested if they ask themselves a few questions for a lot. Questions like.

  • What is the kitchen you imagine to be on?
  • What are the pictures of the kitchen you have collected since then?
  • Have you decided on the type of countertops you wish?
  • Do you know the places where you actually need to renovate?
  • Do you know a local contractor to have a fair deal?
  • What is the maximum figure to guess for the investment?

Once you start asking the questions, you would know the status you are in. Make a Kitchen Remodel Budget Template and start ticking points one by one once you are through. It would tell you the preparations you still need to make before modifications. After you gather the information, reach to a contractor.

2. Reach to a contractor – No one better than a contractor can tell you the budget of the kitchen you desire to have. Though, it is a difficult task to find the right contractor who would try their best to accommodate and provide service within your limits.

Remember to reach most of the contractors as possible. Have the prospector and bids they offer after you provide them the statistics and measurement of your place. Take a glance at the estimates and choose the fairest deal. Be conscious of the line of products they offer for the construction. Or else, you would be cheated with inferior quality products and furnishing. It is always better to invest a bit more and have the material of standard quality.

3. Know the Cost Breakdown – It would be a bad idea to jump directly into the project only on the constructor’s verdict. Ask him/her to provide a cost sheet, mentioning the cost breakdown as per the materials and labor cost.

4. Mode of Payment – After you have finalized the project, focus on the payment mode and schedule. As it would be a matter of enormous amount, clear out the method of payment. Whether you need to pay at a go or following the installment system after making a down payment, choose the one that best fits with your current financial affordability.

Basic Renovation Budget Template
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Steps to create a budget of Kitchen renovation

Above, we have mentioned how one can decide with the help of a contractor. But that is not the starting step. Before you reach to a contractor, identify with yourself the needs of yours.

1. Fix your budget – Who knows better than a homeowner the money he/she can spend on a kitchen renovation? Decide the budget you can spend on the renovation. It is not at all beneficial for a person to keep away from the consciousness of the budget. Generally, a regular budget for an upscale renovation is near to $50,000 o $60,000. Take a glance at your finances and decide whether you want to spend the money. Based on two factors, you can decide the investment. One is the availability of finance, and the second is the period of your stay at home. Of it is not for more than five years, then it would be better not to spend much on it.

2. Setting up a priority list – Decide what you need to renovate first in your kitchen. Is it the crown molding? The faucet? Or the new appliances and the cabinets? List your priorities on paper. Or else you would not know where your real money went. Having a priority list helps you from spending unnecessary things. These are the two steps you can follow before reaching to a contractor.


Usually, budget templates are preferred to create in Microsoft Excel. The Excel spreadsheet helps the user follow the structure while in Word, the user has to make an external table format for the template.

The step-by-step process of creating a Kitchen Remodel Budget Template in Excel

Step 1 – Open a blank spreadsheet.

Step 2 – To give a title of the document create a blank space. Select few cells along the row and click on “Merge and Center”, it will erase the lines in between.

Use the space to fill in the tilt and other extra details related to the document.

Step 3 – After providing a title, fill the cells with the elements of the budget required to remodel a kitchen. Follow a sequence as per your requirement and convenience.

For instance, Categories > Rate per unit > Number of uniting > Estimated amount > Actual Amount > Difference.


Category > Items > Quantity > Estimated Cost > Actual Cost > Total Estimated Cost > Total Actual Cost.

Step 4 – After keeping few line gaps for filling in the types of items, keep a row for the final amount after calculation.

Step 5 – Go to the Office Button, click on Save As. A dialogue box would appear to type the name of the file and then click on OK.

This would be the final step of the process. After you have made the Kitchen Remodel Budget Template, use it multiple numbers of times. You even have the choice of remodeling the template by adding on supplementary fields if needed.

Apart from the budget given by a contractor, make sure to create one for your Kitchen Remodel Budget Template to have pretty good understanding the path you should follow. It will also help you to track the progress and what’s should be done next to be on the right track. You never know how they calculate and present a budget to you. It is essential to create your own Kitchen Remodel Budget Template and calculate the budget of cabinets, faucets, cleaning appliances and followings.

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