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The onboarding process after hiring a new employee is quite challenging, not because it is a tough process but because of its composition. After hiring an employee, as an organization, it is your obligation to create a favorable environment. As a newcomer, they must feel welcomed and respected in the organization for the designation they received. Therefore for letting them acclimatize with the new environment in the company, a New Hire Checklist Template is prepared, where the onboarding process is lined up.

Beginning it with job orientation, introduction, understanding the policies, and code of conduct, providing a new employees handbook, explaining job responsibilities, preparing on-the-job training, and others.

The manager and HR are responsible for creating the new hire checklist, so they cover the essential onboarding steps. As the steps are complete, the elements from the checklist are discarded.

What is a New Hire Checklist?

A new hire checklist is an organizational document managed by the HR of a company that lists the onboarding steps that need to be followed after hiring a new employee. It is adopted in the organization to let the new employee acclimatize with the new environment of the company.

Setting them up in the new environment of the company and introducing them to the colleague, is the foremost task of an organization. Rather, it is the responsibility to prepare an on-the-job training session for the employee, so they could use their skills effectively in the operation of an organization.

The major purpose of creating the new hire onboarding checklist template is to allow the employees to adapt to the working environment and train them to learn how to work in a professional sector. The professional ethics and company policies are well introduced to the new employee. Besides these, other processes generate a conducive atmosphere, explaining the job responsibilities and roles are some of the processes of onboarding.

Sample New Hire Checklist Templates

Sample New Hire Checklist Template Student New Hire Checklist Template
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Employee New Hire Checklist Template


New Hire Checklist Template 001


New Hire Orientation & Onboarding Checklist

New Hire Checklist Template in Excel

New Hire Orientation And Onboarding Checklist Template New Hire Editable Checklist Template
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What are the Steps Involved in Onboarding?


What is the process of Formal Onboarding?

The onboarding process of the new hire checklist template is concerned about the newly hired employee. It makes sure the new employee is introduced to the necessary elements of the company and its working methodology. It might sound really interesting that the process of formal onboarding kicks in even before the new employee starts working on the company first day at work. A Company must have all necessary procedures lined up in a convincing manner that within the first week of employee’s joinng, everythings’ completed regarding employee onboarding.

1. Recruitment process.

The hiring of a new employee is a recruitment process. It has different steps involved which are known to the HR. Therefore, the first step of formal onboarding has to be Recruitment.

Recruitment is the prior process of hiring, it could still be one of the elements of the new hire checklist. The recruitment could be well described in the new hire checklist itself as a to-do element that comes before hiring an employee.

2. Employee orientation.

Employee orientation is one of the major elements of the new hire checklist and the second step of onboarding. Here, the company introduces the new hires to their co-worker’s workplace jobs and other responsibilities.

The new hire checklist template must contain the employee orientation; if needed, it could even be decentralized or desiccated into several sections. Each of the sections could have a person appointed to complete the process.

3. Explaining job roles and responsibilities.

Describing the job responsibilities is the third significant thing organization must look into. Unless the employee is explained what their role is and what are the services they need to provide to the company to continue to be the employee of the organization, how could a company expect a certain result? Therefore explaining the job responsibilities and the job role is one of the important elements in the new hire checklist.

If not on the same day of joining, then from the next day when the session of training starts, the trainer or could introduce them to the job circulation and the job role of the designation.

4. On-the-job training.

Every organization organizes an on the job training sessions for at least three or five months. In this process, the organization trains the newly hired employee about the working methodologies and how the technologies are used to attain a specific result.

A newly hired employee, no matter how is killed they are, if not experienced, it would not be viable for them to start with the work unless trained. Therefore, on-the-job training is set up where the employer of the employee trains them while being on the job and not outside the actual setup.

It has been observed that on-the-job training has been more effective than outsourced as it enables the person to face the actual working environment and try to acclimatize with the real work.

5. Goal setting.

Anyways organization provides some guidelines to the employees. It means the employee is obligated to complete a work within a specific time, that could be a day or a month as well. The organization has a specific goal for which every employee and employer is striking but the organization equality teaches the employee how to goal set for themself as well. An employee could only grow to be in an organization and get promoted if there is a goal setting.

6. Introduction to company culture.

Introduction to the company culture is one of the processes of job orientation. A new employee needs to be introduced to the company culture. As an organization owner, you would like the new employee to get a favorable environment and work efficiently with no disruption. Any distance between the company culture and the employee would have a direct effect on the output of the work. Therefore, to avoid the same, introduction to the company culture must be one of the elements of a new hire onboard checklist template.

7. Introduction to the colleague and employer.

Introduction to the colleague and employer is also a process of job orientation that looks after the relationship between the new employee with the employer and the colleague. They must share a good relationship so to work in the same office. Every newly hired employee is the same, every people socialize differently. Instead of finding out what the newly hired employee is and how they socialize, it is better to keep a process of introduction to the colleague and employer so, the employer or the HR does that anyway.

8. Discuss the payroll.

All the payroll is discussed before handing over the job confirmation letter, the salary must be explained properly. HR must look into the matter and discuss the payroll with the employee onboarding before getting into the real work.

The checklist of the new hire on board is subjected to modification as time passes by. Things keep on adding that include several steps of introduction for job orientation.

  • Providing employees with some initial assignments.
  • Helping employees set goals.
  • Re-checking the relationship between the colleagues and the employee.
  • Provide a deadline.
  • Provide feedback for the work done.
  • Help set performance goals.
  • Conductor performance review.
  • Discuss organization goals and achievements.
  • Discuss compensation.
  • Discuss payroll policies.

New Hire Checklist Template 002


Sample onboarding plan for new employees

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

New Hire Checklist And Systems Password Template New Employee On Boarding Checklist Template
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New Hire Paperwork Checklist

New Hire Paperwork Checklist Template


Personnel File Checklist Template


Free new hire checklist template word Format

New hire checklist pdf Format

Fillable New Hire Checklist Template New Hire Checklist Template For Supervisors
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New Hire Checklist Template 003


New Hire Master Checklist

Onboarding a new employee checklist

New Hire Master Checklist Template Staff New Hire Checklist Template
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Editable New Hire Checklist Template


New Hire Checklist Template 004


Why Do We Need a New Hire Checklist Template?

An organization is widely benefited from the new hire checklist template. The inclusions and the process of making it creates an awareness in the HR and the manager of the companies regarding the to-do list. They hold some obligations towards the newly hired employee since they are a novice.

On the other hand, the organization is equally benefited from the new hire checklist.

a. With a new hire checklist,  the manager and the HR of an organization, could easily onboard a new employee.

b. The inclusions in the new hire checklist template let an employee go through the processing being a newly hired employee.

c. The checklist provides a detailed step that needs to be followed to introduce the newly hired to the company culture.

d. Before the arrival of the newly hired employee, having a checklist ready is convenient as they have the proceedings ready.

e. The usual routines of the workplace go without disturbance. If your company creates the new hire checklist template.

Crafting a new hire checklist template is easy with assistance. Download a printable new hire checklist template and modify it according to your requirements. These set of templates are apt for-

  • New Hire Checklist For Employers.
  • New Hire Checklist for Employees.
  • New Hire Checklist For Managers.

What are the 30 60 90 Days New Hire Plan?

The 30 60 90 days new hire plan is desiccated planning that ensures proper regulation of the onboarding process. The 30-day plan has a few points that need to be covered by the manager or the hiring manager as a contribution towards the newly hired employee, so they get accustomed to the office environment. Similarly, the 60-day plan is a bit more that lets them dig deep into any project, and the 90-day plan consists of steps that make the newly hired employee responsible in now to take decisions of a company.

Here we have explained the plan included in the 30 60 90 days range of the onboarding process.

30-day New Hire Plan.

1. Introduction with the team-The introduction with the team of the employee is the first plan that needs to be checked.

2. Knowing the company product– The newly hired employee must be introduced to the products the company is currently working in and introduce him or her to the past products as well.

3. Attend company values– It will help the employee get accustomed to the work culture and develop a friendly relation with the colleagues.

4. Allow weekly lunch with the team– The company’s arrangement of a weekly lunch is an exclusive allowance. It will ensure the employee gets to know the team and how they operate. The best way to know a person is by communicating with them, therefore, arranging A lunch once a week will make sure they the newly employed talk to other colleagues and team members so, to avoid awkwardness in real work.

5. Ensuring access to the company tools– while on the job training is in a go, the employee could be accessed to the company tools and Technology given some other time slots as well.

6. Access to the process of long-term success– Although it is a big thing for a newly employed person, it is essential. The employee must know how the company or other personnel in the company ensure long-term success.

7. Engaging in a small project– Engagement in the small project will make the employee get a bit of an idea of the real work plan and how it is initiated. Walking with the team member in a small project would increase their skill and knowledge regarding the business.

8. One monthly marketing plan.

9. Setting up meetings– Incorporate the employees in real meetings. Let them see how the official meeting is done, ask them to assist in writing the minutes.

10. Achieve a small goal– Learning and adopting the brand would be a great achievement for a newly hired employee and especially in the 30 days.

60-day new hire plan.

1. Involving in a big project– The involvement of the employee in a new project would assure they learn the realistic work culture and its policies. It would also make sure they get to know how it works.

2. Launching the first campaign– Launch of the first campaign of the employee would be a great success if done correctly. It is one of the best elements of a 60-days new hire plan.

3. Inform the employee about their contribution to the company– The employee should be informed how their designation and work are contributing to the company. Suppose an employee is in the sales department, they have a specific pattern of work. The work they have been doing must have a positive or a negative impact on the company’s growth. Whatever is the result must be known by the employee doing it or else they won’t be able to modify if required.

4. Giving long-term responsibility– In a 60-day new hire plan, including the process of long-term responsibility would be good. The tenure is quite long and the newly hired employee must know how to handle the responsibility for the long term.

5. Collaborate with other teams– There is not a single team that an employee would work for all the employment years. Therefore, they need to collaborate with other existing teams in the business as well to learn new skills and operations.

6. Checking operation– Checking how the employee is also a crucial step in a 60-day new hire plan. What if the employee is being provided with every facilities and onboarding process but he or she isn’t adopting the same, at such case other alternative needs to be planned.

7. Checking on daily tasks– The employer must be responsible to check on the daily task completed by the newly hired employee to make sure they aren’t making any mistakes and if yes, then correct it.

90-days New Hire Plan.

1. Completing an independent project– Connecting with the teams, knowing how to work, ensuring the responsibility is enough for a newly hired employee to complete a work. Therefore the company to verify must provide a short project and allow them to work independently on it.

2. Demonstrating autonomic decision-making– the 90 days is not a short tenure hence a newly hired employee could easily demonstrate the decision-making process.

3. Develop a marketing strategy for long-term success– The development of a marketing strategy could be done by a newly hired employee if there is a 90-day hire plan.

4. Connect with the teams for roles and projects.

5. Using the learning for client work– since they have learned how to do the real work they would know how to handle the clients as well. The company would know it better if they can do it by engaging them in a real client want and see how they perform, with a backup of course.

New Hire Sample Checklist Template Sample Action Checklist Template
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New Hire Customizable Checklist Template


New Hire Checklist Template 005


New Hire Forms Checklist Template Checklist Template For Newly Hired Professional Staff
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New Hire Enrollment Checklist Template


Fillable New Employee Hire Checklist Template


Departmental New Hire Checklist Template New Hire Training Checklist Template
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New Hire Checklist Template 006


Changeable New Hire Checklist Template


Supervisor's Checklist For New Employees Template New Hire Checklist Template 007
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Long Form New Hire Checklist Template


New Hire Benefits Checklist Template


New Hire Checklist Template For Staff Onboarding New Hire Checklist Template
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New Employee Hire Checklist Template


New Local Hire Checklist Template


New Hire Traning Checklist

New Employee Hire Checklist Form

Short Form New Hire Checklist Template Employee Systems Setup Checklist Template
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