15+ Sample Doctor’s Prescription Templates

To be a doctor and be able to direct medicines, an individual requires a certificate and a license. On a similar note, doctors would equally require prescriptions to prescribe medications to their patients. The prescription act as an authorized document, the pharmacist could consider and dispense the prescription drug. The medications listed in the prescription also denotes that the doctor herself/ himself has prescribed the specific medicines. Pharmaceutical drugs could act uniquely to different people, therefore without a doctor’s prescription template, the pharmacist does not dispense the medications.

Besides the Pharmaceutical drugs or medicines, any other medicines might be prescribed by the doctors but the pharmacist only hands over the same, if there is a prescription form which is duly filled up.

Every doctor, certified medical professional practitioner, physician, or Health Care professional licensed to prescribe medicines must get some printable prescription templates in unique designs to provide prescriptions to the patients.

What is a Prescription?

The prescription templates are authorized documents a doctor issues to the patients to prescribe medicines. The doctors compile the names of the Pharmaceutical drugs that a patient needs to take on a timely basis. Only on the issuance of the prescription, the pharmacist could dispense the prescribed medicines to the patient. Therefore the prescription is considered as an approved document since the doctor’s suggestion is proved through the same.

It is stationary to the hospitals and doctors. Every medical practitioner certified to treat patient have their own prescription templates either on the computer or printed as an assemblage of papers. It contains a bunch of information regarding the doctors that make it legal and therefore could be used by any person to purchase medicine from the pharmacy.

Doctor’s Prescription Templates

Standard Prescription Pad Template School Prescription Medication Template (1)
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Prescription Labels Template

Sample Prescription Labels Template



Spotting a Fake Doctor’s Prescription or How to Identify Original Prescription Templates?

The information in an original prescription is generally concerned with the doctor’s information and the medications prescribed. But if you want us to club it, it usually has these elements that a doctor fills up while issuing the same to any patient.

1. Rx symbol.

Rx is the abbreviation of the prescription. This Rx symbolizes the authenticity of the prescription. Or else anyone could get it on a piece of paper and use it to prescribe medicines but it is only received by professional and registered doctors.

2. Doctor information.

The doctor issuing the prescription has their name on it. It is an essential element of any prescription. It is either aligned to the left side of the restriction on the right but at the top. So under the doctor’s information, you would find a. Doctors name. b. Qualification background. c. Certified number. d. The hospital name the doctor is associated with.

Many doctors are operating with hospitals. Some of them are completely contributing their services to the hospitals and some of the doctors have their personal chambers as well. Therefore if there is such a Hospital the doctors see the patients, then it is mentioned in the prescription.

e. Doctors address.

The doctor’s address could be the chamber the doctor is personally analyzing the patient or the address of the hospital as well. f. Doctors phone number. g. Email address.

3. Patient information.

The doctor’s prescription is incomplete without the patient’s information. Therefore in the medical prescription, you would find the information of the patient as well. The lineup would be- a. Patient’s name. b. Patients’ age. c. Patient address. d. Patient’s blood group. e. Guardian name if needed and as well as detailed medical case studies diagonized by the doctor followed by prescribed medicines.

4. Suggested treatments.

Besides the medication, the doctors also prescribe doing some tests for deeper evaluation. So it also contains the treatment or evaluations to be done. Generally, every individual needs to show the medical prescription to do the medical test, or else the lab doesn’t allow the same. Therefore, when the doctor wants the patient to do some test, it is written in the prescription itself.

5. Medications.

The listing of the medication is the purpose for which the doctor’s prescription templates are made. So the medicines, the patient is prescribed to take on a timely basis are jotted down in the prescription.

Not only the name of the medicines but the schedule of consuming them is written as well.

6. Doctors signature.

Without the doctor’s signature, no prescription would be considered legal and valid. Show the signature of the doctor is essential.

7. Date.

The date plays a great role in keeping a record as to which day the patient has come to see the doctor. It is a reference that could be used later on the second visit of the same patient. This is why the date is mentioned in the prescription.

Besides these, there remains no such information that is usually incorporated in a doctor’s prescription template. But if the doctor finds anything essential or there are some instructions to give to the patient then it is written down below the list of medication.

Medical Prescription form Templates

Patients Prescription Sample Template


Free Doctor’s medical prescription template excel Format

Sample Prescription pad of Medical professionals

Editable Prescription Form Template Personal Medication Form Template
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Blank prescription form

Fillable Prescription Form Template


Printable fake prescription forms Not for medical Purpose

School Pharmacy Prescription Template


What are the Uses of the Prescription Templates?

The medical prescriptions or doctors’ prescriptions, whatever we call them, have a significant use. Some of them we have already discussed. But it would be better to understand if put into points. So here they are:

  • A prescription is a significant stationery for the doctors which they diligently use to prescribe medicines.
  • The prescription is the only document certified doctors could use to prescript medicines to their patients.
  • The doctor’s prescription is a reference used to find records of the patient. The doctors often ask their patients to bring the previous prescription to see the prior medications. According to which they prescribe the current one.
  • The doctors could not only use the previous prescription as a reference but the hospitals could do it too, to find out past health conditions of the patient if anything serious occurs.
  • The hospital has the authorization to go through the previous prescription if any legal cases are glued up.
  • The prescription is of great help to smooth out the legal proceedings if the case falls into one.
  • The prescription is the symbolization that the doctor is a certified one. As a patient, you could not find out if the doctor is certified or licensed but the prescription and having the symbol with the certified number certainly proves the fact.
  • A personalized prescription is a good way to approach the patients as well. A doctor must know well how to present themselves in front of the patient. Many doctors overlook this effort of finding and original but unique medical prescription templates for us but it has its significance in actuality.

Any random-looking prescriptions would definitely not put any effect on the patients but a designed one with the necessary information aligned and properly formatted has an impression to make, which generates a professional approach and the patients get a respected eye for the doctor as well.

DR prescription format

Doctor prescription pad design

Hospital Medication Form Template Medical Prescription Sample Template
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RX pad sample

Changeable Prescription Medical Template


What are the Different Kinds of Prescription Templates in Use?

The doctor’s prescription is not the only prescription in use. There are variant kinds of prescriptions that are utilized by people. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Exercise prescription template.

Open the personal trainers provide exercise prescription to their trainees. The exercise prescription template could come up from either a fitness gym, a doctor, an athlete, or the one who is professional to do the same.

Basically, the exercise prescription contains three phases. In three phases, the trainer breaks the procedure according to the intensity. Let’s say for example it is a 6-week program, which has three phases in all. So the trainer uses their knowledge and skill and writes down the exercise prescription. It consists of the medications, the diet chart, the workout routine, and additional information concerning the subject.

  • The first phase is about initial conditioning, which means it is the starter package. It contains the information or the guidelines that the trainee needs to follow at the initial stage of the process.
  • The second phase is fitness improvement. The trainer incorporates the workout routine and diet chart to be followed in the 6-week program.
  • The third phase is fitness maintenance. Once the fitness improvement and the initial conditioning are done, the only job left is to maintain what is achieved. Fitness is such a thing that has to be maintained or else it is all on water. So to maintain it the trainer also provides guidelines, diet charts,s and medicines to maintain the same.

2. Contact lens prescription templates.

Before getting a spectacle, the patient needs to show the contact lens prescription to the shop. Only on the prescription, they would dispense the contact lens with the prescribed number of power. A person with eye trouble could not just walk in and ask for the contact lens with the power. They need an authorized contact lens prescription signed by the doctor.

The contact lens prescription contains the power of the lens, the material it is to be made with, the base curve, the diameter, and other details like expiration date and designation. The incorporation of the above-mentioned elements could only make the contact lens prescription a valid one.

The contact lens prescription template would also be named after the eye prescription template or eyeglass prescription template.

3. Veterinary prescription template.

The medicines prescribed for the vets are written down on the veterinary prescription template. The drugs used for the vets or the treatment of domestic animals are the drugs that are dispensed by the pharmacist only on the issuance of the veterinary prescription templates. The cause is the federal law has restricted the use of drugs on domestic animals unless a licensed veterinarian prescribes the same.

This veterinary prescription template consists of the name of the veterinarian, their contact information, and on a similar note, the details of the vet are also recorded. The name of the vet, the species, age, guardian’s name is incorporated in the veterinary prescription templates. Besides these the necessary data of the prescription which is the medications are also written down.

4. Oxygen prescription template.

Prescription for oxygen must be obtained to purchase any oxygen cylinders or to hire them. No oxygen suppliers would agree to hand over the oxygen cylinder without a proper prescription. There are many reasons glued to it. The oxygen being a drug requires a prescription. It is a clinical requirement and oxygen is a supplement to the same therefore a prescription is necessary.

If you want any oxygen to be supplied to any of your family members who are a patient then you would necessarily require an oxygen prescription template duly signed by a certified doctor.

It contains the name of the gas which is Oxygen, its amount, and duration. The target saturation point of the oxygen is also written down.

5. Dental Lab prescription template.

The dental lab prescription template is not only an issue while prescribing medicines for dental care but also before operating with any dental laboratory Technology. The dental technician issues The laboratory prescription to the patient so the technology used to operate is noted on a legal document.

It includes the name and other information about the dentist, information of the patient, operation performed on the patient, type of prosthesis, and other components of the prosthesis. It is an essential prescription just like other doctor prescription templates provided by a dental laboratory technician.

Medicine prescription template

Prescription Editable Form Template



Doctor prescription template word

Medicine prescription template in microsoft word Format

Customizable Medication Template Doctor's Prescription Template
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Veterinary prescription pad templates

Sample Hospital Medical Template


Fake prescription templates.

Anywhere on the web, you might find fake prescription templates. But being a doctor you could print the original certified prescription templates. Therefore, we see no need use fake prescriptions only if you are a certified doctor. But the fake prescriptions are largely used in the world today.

A doctor or a medical practitioner having the license could get their hands on printable and editable prescription templates in PDF and customize them according to what is needed.

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