38+ Policy Brief Template With Overview And Examples

A condensed and disseminated approach to the research outcome is a policy brief. The document is a non-technical and non-standardized formula accessible for individuals in the academic, business, government, policy maker, and corporate sectors. The policy brief is basically the report that helps decision-makers and practitioners make informed decisions based on its content. The policy brief template statement showcases the fact of a certain subject. It signifies a specific issue in the document, highlighting the significance of the issue and its impact on the community.

The community is the primary influential place that is affected by any policy decisions. Therefore while incorporating the research output and putting up the significance on concrete terms, the authors take it into great consideration. Besides addressing the policy issues, it also provides some recommendations to cure the same. The primary focus of the policy brief is to present the current policy issues, provide the analysis of its research, and contribute some recommendations to rectify them.

What is a Policy Brief?

A policy brief is a concise, condensed, and disseminated document that contains an abbreviated analysis of research concerning any specific policy issue. It is non-technical content for a non-specialized audience. Every individual irrespective of the state of work, could read the policy brief and comprehend the contents.

A policy brief specifically addresses a distinct issue and presents its findings. The recommendations also come in with the policy issue, but it does not symbolize the policy brief as a judgment piece of document. It is rather the presence of an addressed issue concerning a policy.

Using the policy brief template, different organizations- public or private, agencies, NPOs, NGOs, receive a point of reference about an issue conveyed and use the same to bring changes in the existing policies or come up with a new set.

Policy Brief Templates

Sample Policy Brief Template Policy Brief Informative and Engaging Template
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Policy Brief Guidance And Template

Policy Brief Guidance And Template


One Page Policy Brief Template

Policy And Technical Brief Template


What are the Components of a Policy Brief?

While writing policy briefs, one must know its proper inclusions. The things to consider in the policy brief have a direct impact on the policy brief content and how it would be perceived by the readers or the target audience. Therefore it is essential to know the imperative inclusions of a good policy brief template.

Know what information addressing the issue must be incorporated in a good policy brief template.

1. Title head.

The title head is the primary requirement of every policy brief template. The written title on the top of the policy brief helps the audience know the subject they are going to read about. Identifying a document also becomes easy with a proper title head.

2. Overview of the issue.

You have researched a specific issue that has led to the requirement of policy choices. But a sudden commencement of imperative sections of the policy brief is not the right way to initiate a policy brief template.

It must begin with an overview of the issue. Provide an executive summary concerning the issue so the reader understands the subject. A one or two paragraphed overview of the issue will act as an initial guide and definitely be a good introduction.

3. Significance of the issue.

If you are the author of the policy brief then, it is assumed that you have found the problem first and thought about researching. You understood the requirement of the policy choices and therefore have done a thorough or analysis on the same. You need to present the same idea as yours on the policy brief template as well.

Tell your readers the significance of the issue. The objective in the back must be to convince the reader to read your policy brief. They wouldn’t do it unless they understood the significance of the same. But through the proper statements used in a policy brief, you might get them on the same page.

4. Subsisting policy proposition.

There is research done concerning an issue in the policies. This means either there was an existing policy that is negatively impacting the society, or there is a part of the society having internal problems which need to be solved through some policy introduction.

Majorly policy brief is written based on some existing policy. So prior to anything, you should highlight the existing policies and their procedures. It would be better to discuss the existing policy propositions. Discuss in brief the advantages and the disadvantages of the same.

When the shortcomings of the existing policy are much then it is better to highlight it. People must comprehend using their sensors the policy is going wrong so it creates desirability to bring new propositions in the policy.

5. Policy Alternatives.

The section of the policy alternatives is attached with the previous one. As an option, you could provide other policy alternatives as well. You could further discuss your proposed options concerning the specific policy you mentioned in the policy brief.

6. Policy Recommendations.

In this section, you might incorporate the comprehensive proposals in the form of policy options. You might either list down from steps to take to deal with the issues or write some statements that would address the shortcomings of the existing policy. To the new approach brought by the author of the policy, the brief could be one of the practical approaches since there is a thorough Research and Analysis done.

7. Appendices.

Despite mentioning the viewpoints of the author on the policy brief, if they wish to for their stand on their point and describe the same, then this section would be the best.

You could easily support your argument about the policy and the recommendation you have made in the section.

8. Bibliography.

The Bibliography is the last section of the policy brief. It contains the lineup of the sources the author has used while doing the Research and Analysis. The authors have used some references from resources because of which they could come up with such approaches that might bring some optimistic changes to the existing policy.

You could expect your policy brief to be realistic and effective only if the relevant information concerning the specific policies is included in the policy brief template. A concise yet broad-spectrum view will give the readers a perspective and help develop a view of their own.

Many people might find drafting the policy brief a challenging task since they need to compile an all-inclusive analysis of research into a condensed one while maintaining the broad spectrum of the topic. Balancing both the two factors of a good policy brief, although it seems challenging, once it is made, it is easy and simple.

If you want to make the policy brief it would help you gain a sense of confidence. Then you would automatically know how to format the sentences and the entire template, so it becomes rich content yet be in its concise form.

Policy Brief Template Word Document

Free Policy Brief Sample PDF Document

Policy Brief Template 001 Policy Brief Reservation For Transgender Persons Template
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Examples of Policy Briefs

Editable Policy Brief Template


Policy Briefs Template Download

Policy Brief Sample Template


Why Write a Policy Brief?

Writing a policy brief is a great way to present a perspective from a different approach with an expectation to bring changes in the existing policy propositions. Hence it could be announced that the policy brief is written to present a voice of opinion with a specific outlook. But besides these, there are a few reasons that initiate the previous one. Let’s take a look at it why a policy brief is written and what good it has done in the external system.

1. A good policy brief instigates a new approach among people. The personages start looking at the issues which was never a problem because it was not seen as such. But a policy brief creates a sense of judgment that lets people analyze an issue, see the research outcomes, and have their opinion on it.

2. The content of a policy brief is rich enough to be used in academics. The facts concerning the current policy and its impact on the community are utilized in public academics to a large extent.

3. Although the policy brief is a concise document, but it has a broad spectrum as well. It helps the decision-makers and practitioners make informed decisions concerning policies.

4. The evidence provided in the policy brief saves the time of the recognized individuals whether in the government sector or private have an opinion on it.

5. Since it is a non-technical document, it could be comprehended by any individual.

6. Writing a good policy is a good contribution to society, as it creates a sense of awareness.

7. It helps people gain a perspective that has been overlooked for years.

8. The content of the policy brief serves as a good source to the journalists and helps them in the report.

9. The realistic approaches in the policy brief lead to some real changes in the actuality as well.

10. In overall, the policy brief is a great contribution by the author to society, as it brings perspective and opinion of people.

The planning of writing a policy brief inaugurates addressing a problem. So it gives the vision to look at the existing issues in policy. If you have been addressing some serious issues in existing policies of the government that need to be changed. Then you could plan to write a policy brief. As a general individual, you might not have a direct approach to the sectors but with a policy brief template, you could lead the process and you never know when it could make an actual impact on the origin.

Policy Summery Template

Policy Report Template

Policy Brief Teachers And Performance Standards Template Establishing Film Commission Template
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Policy Brief Format:

Policy Brief Editable Template


Policy Paper Template

Employees Policy Brief Template



Policy Papers Examples

Sample Policy Brief

Livestock Sector Policy Brief Template Agency Policy Brief Template
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What are the Guidelines to Draft a Good Policy Brief?

Gearing up for writing a policy brief is good, but knowing how to do it exactly is better. So here are some guidelines that you might follow before starting with the process. As we said earlier, writing the policy brief template might not seem as challenging as it would while going through the procedures. So here are some solutions to your problems.

1. Research the Issue.

Good research is the only way to know about an existing issue. But good research does not intend to find out only the negatives of it. If you do so it would be nothing but a judgemental approach, which is definitely not the intention of the research. Good research means seeing the negative and positive of an existing policy.

Deck up with the ins and outs of the issue addressed, show any queries concerning the same could be answered without any doubt.

2. Understand the Issues.

Now that you are well equipped with the fact, understand the issues. At times, the advantages are shown in the research enhance the loophole of the problem making. Therefore understanding the prevailing issues is the primary task to do.

3. Know Your Audience.

Although a policy brief is for non-specialized audiences, it is obligated to know who your audience is. Every existing individual doesn’t show enthusiasm in any of the existing policy briefs so far. There is a certain section of society that indulges in the policy brief. So better you know about them. If you are willing to target a certain division of audience, then research them to know about their outlook.

4. Prepare the Policy Recommendation.

The inclusion of the policy recommendation is a presentation of your own approach on an open podium. Portray the policy recommendations in a way to create a good picture and not to offend the main creators of policies. The form of writing and the attitude in the statements must be focused on the good intention and not the defensive personality. So while you do the research and understand the issues, you talked about the policy recommendations of the policy alternatives.

The policy recommendations are only taken into consideration it has a direct connection with the realistic approach of the society. Incorporation of any impracticable proposal would make no impact. Therefore, to present your policy brief template as a worthy one understand the format of it.

The best way to know about the format and the writing of the policy brief is to take the sample policy brief templates as a reference. You could download the printable policy brief statement template PowerPoint from our website or the policy brief statement template word. It is in customizable and editable form. So any customizations to be done is free.

Draft Policy Brief Template


Policy Brief Conditional Permanent Residence Template


Policy Brief Samples

Policy Brief Template 002 Policy Brief Fillable Template
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Policy Brief Sample Template 001


Long Form Policy Brief Template


Policy Brief AKIS ARCH Template Policy Brief Customizable Template
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Volunteers Transporting Policy Brief Template


Policy Brief Template 003


Communities Policy Brief Template Local Audit And Accountability Bill Template
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Policy Brief Changeable Template


European Policy Brief Template Policy Brief Template 004
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Policy Brief Template 005



Legislative Policy Brief Template Policy Brief Template 006
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Policy Brief Template 007


Employment Policy Brief Template Volunteers Policy Brief Template
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Short Form Policy Brief Template


Policy Brief Summary And Assessment Template


A Policy Framework Template Policy Brief Instruction And Template
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