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It is believed that the emergence of E-Commerce sites has initiated shipping label templates. But it is not all the fact. You might wonder why it is so, as the E-Commerce site has pushed the delivery services more than before. But if you take a note, you will see that the outbound and inbound logistics were the basis of the supply chain management earlier as well.

The shipping label templates are now quintessential than before due to the rise of e-commerce sites but not because the E-Commerce site has come into being. If you have an e-commerce business, then the shipping label template might just be next to your hand. If not then print it right away. The shipping label is the description of the recipient of the product. By referring to the shipping label only, the delivery person in charge can deliver the item to the recipient’s address.

What are Shipping Labels ?

The shipping labels are the document that is used for supplying packaging from the warehouses to the customers. In the shipping label template is the ready made fillable form which consists of the contact details and the address of the recipient which are being printed and labeled on the outgoing packages.

It is a kind of identification label that describes the owner of the package. The information incorporated in the shipping label is the only basis that would help find the recipient’s address. But the shipping label is not only the one used by the E-Commerce business to send out the product ordered to the customers. They are applied both during the inbound and outbound logistics. The business likewise uses shipping label templates to bring the raw materials and spare products from the manufacturer. The manufacturer also utilizes the shipping label template to transport the material from the production house to the purchaser (e-commerce business).

Through this, it is quite understandable that the shipping label template is constant usage of the entire supply chain movement. No supply is possible without the utilization of a shipping label since it is the only document that helps the package reach from the pickup point to its destination.

Printable Shipping Label Templates

Shipping Label Template 001 Company Shipping Label Template
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4×6 shipping label template

Sample Shipping Label Template



Shipping label template word

Shipping label template pdf
Shipping Label Template 002 Editable Shipping Label Template
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Usps shipping label template pdf

Service Shipping Label Template


What Items are Included in a Shipping Label Template?

The items included in the shipping label template are related to is objective. The purpose of attaching the shipping label template on the package is to provide detailed information about the recipient so the package is delivered to the right place. Therefore the contents of the shipping label template would also be related to the information that enables the delivery person to dispatch the item to the destination.

  1. Sender information.

In the beginning, the sender or the company must include their details. If it is an individual seller dispatching item then the following elements must be there in it:

  • Name of the sender.
  • Address of the sender.
  • City of the sender.
  • State.
  • Zip code.
  • Phone number.
  • Email ID.

If it is an E-Commerce business that is sending the product package to the customer, then in such a shipping label template, the following things must be inserted:

  • Name of the company.
  • Company logo.
  • Company address.
  • City the company is in.

If you think that why is it necessary to include the name of the sender on the shipping templates in the objective is to deliver the item to the recipient address. But as a recipient, it is your complete right to know from which place the packaging is arriving. Therefore it is a kind of customer loyalty and transparency as well.

2. Recipient information.

The recipient information is the key element in the shipping label template following which the delivery person would reach the customer’s address. Therefore this section must include:

  • Name of the customer.
  • Address of the customer with the landmark.
  • City.
  • State/ Province.
  • Zip code.
  • Phone number.
  • Email ID.

Unlike any other information the recipient details must be accurate enough or else the packaging would not reach the destination. Any error in the address or the phone number or the name could create a huge problem and ultimately the packaging would return to the warehouse as the delivery person would not be able to find the address.

But that doesn’t mean make the error in the sender information is fine. All of the information must be accurate so to fulfill the objective.

3. Order number.

The order number is as essential as the addresses. The order number is the specific number that would be used for any query. The order number is the basis on which further claims or questions about the order could be done by the customer.

The absence of order numbers in the shipping label template would create a major inconvenience to the customers. Since they wouldn’t be able to refer the product. Only the name and address are not enough to refer to a product, the company always asks for the order number therefore, it is the obligation of the responsibility of the business to print it in the shipping label template.

4. Barcode.

A bar code is an essential element to be incorporated in a shipping label template. It is not only a technical way of tracking the product but an efficient way as well. It further showcases the professionalism of the company.

5. Shipping details.

Details of shipping are about the shipment and also the tracking. It includes:

  • Date of Shipping.
  • Tracking ID.
  • Shipment information includes the weight of the package and the quantity.
  • Price to pay.

The total amount the customer needs to pay to the delivery person is written on the shipping label. Although scanning the barcode would provide the entire information but the price to be paid if written on the shipping label becomes more convenient for both the delivery person and the customer.

Before paying the amount the customer could verify if the package is addressed to him/her. The delivery person as well would be sure to hand it over to the customer as the details including the name and the price is included in the shipping label.

Each of the information aforementioned is crucial. If any of the information is not accurately incorporated in the shipping label, there is a strong possibility that the package would not be delivered to the exact recipient. Therefore, the company must proofread the address, and the phone number specifically, so it reaches the actual person addressed.

Shipping label template free Word Docs
2X4 shipping labels
Shipping Label Template 003 Advance Shipping Label Template
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Address label templates

Construction Shipping Label Template



Return address labels

Free printable address label templates
Shipping Label Template 004 Perishables Shipping Label Template
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2×4 labels For Shipping Address

Shipping Label Template 005


What is the Need for shipping label templates?

The major requirement of the shipping label template is outbound logistics. The delivery of the product to the customer’s house is the obligation of every E-Commerce company for the small business owners who have promised to send out the packaging. No one must doubt the use of shipping label templates in it is crucial. Here are some valid reasons that would convince you to use the shipping label template.

1. The shipping label template contains detailed information about the shipment and the destination. It enables the person appointed for delivery to know the exact place of delivery. Therefore before dispatching the item from the warehouse make sure the shipping label is incorporated with the necessary and accurate information.

2. It improves the delivery process since it delivers the product to the customer’s doorstep.

3. It becomes convenient for the company and the customer to track down the shipment because of the tracking barcode.

4. It clearly specifies the origin of the item and the destination.

5. As the shipping label is at a state with the product packaging, the customer could receive the product only after verifying their name on it. As a customer, you should only accept the shipment if it has your name and address on the shipping label.

6. The total price to be paid to the delivery person is also included in the shipping label template so the delivery person knows exactly the amount to collect. Similarly, the customer does not need to blindly trust the person and check themselves If the amount resembles the order amount.

7. For the quantity and the description of the items might also be included in the shipping label templates. This additional information would help the customers verify if the shipment contains the products ordered.

8. The suppliers of raw materials find the shipping label template convenient since it makes sure the package gets delivered to the destination.

As you use the shipment label you will discover more of its advantages. You could either create the shipping label templates from scratch or download them from our website. We have some readymade format printable shipping label templates available. You can simply and download the shipping label template and customize it according to your requirement.

label 5160 template

Recipient Shipping Label Template



Shipping Editable Label Template Advance Shipping Label Template
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Storage Shipping Label Template


How Do the Shipping Labels Work?

Mainly the shipping label works as a guide to the person delivering the package. The information incorporated in the shipping label tells the delivery person has to which place they need to go. It further provides the phone number as well so they could call the customer in case they do not find the address provided.

This is a systematic procedure that works in a certain way. It is not challenging and all that is quite simple and basic. Here is the way a shipping label work.

a. At first, the sender(the supplier of raw material, the agent, the E-Commerce business) prepares the shipment.

b. Then an accurately formatted and designed shipment label template is arranged.

c. The sender put the details of the original place from which the product is dispatched.

d. Besides these, other information such as shipment information, shipping details, and recipient information is printed.

Only the small business owners write this information on the shipping label template. Otherwise, E-Commerce businesses and other companies prefer computerizing the whole procedure. They fill the shipping label template with the essential information on the computer itself and just print it.

e. After the proofreading, the shipment is dispatched from the warehouse or the manufacturing house to get delivered to the destination.

Now you could point out the places where the ship and label have their contribution. No doubt on the fact that the entire process runs based on the shipment label or else it would be a complete failure.

What Could be the Consequence of a Wrong Shipping Label Template?

The purpose with which the shipment was dispatched would be detained. And the cause would stand to be the wrong information in the shipping label. Neither the delivery company nor the person obligated to deliver the package is responsible for the occurrence. The only reason that stands for the occurrence is the wrong information in the shipment label. Therefore it must be checked if the information included in the shipment labor is accurate or not or else, it could either be-

  • Delayed in transit.
  • Delivered to the wrong address.
  • Misplaced the shipment.
  • Delivered the wrong shipment.

These are some possible consequences for the downfall one would visualize if the shipment label template contains wrong information. Due to this, the company in charge of delivering the product waste their time, and on the other hand, the company delivering the product would also have to incur additional shipping charges for making the wrong right.

Customizable Shipping Label Template Sample Advance Shipping Label Template
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Emergency Kit Return Shipping Label Template


Merchandise Return Label Template Shipping Label Fillable Template
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Shipping Label Sample Template


Free shipping label Templates

Changeable Shipping Label Template Print Label And Ship Samples Template
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Shipping Label Template 005


Market Shipping Label Template Shipping Label Template 006
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Shipping Label Editable Template


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