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The administrative segment of visitors is a must to introduce in a company. A company should be aware of the people visiting the organization. Every detail related to the visit is jotted in a place. It is given as much importance as it requires. It is essential for the security and welfare of the company. Therefore, it becomes crucial to maintain a visitor’s records/visitors’ logbooks and a ready-made Visitor Log Template could be much useful.

Previously, it was limited to handwritten forms of documents. But now, the technique has been modified to a better version. The visitor’s logbook has been transforming into a software tool with no space for any paperwork.

Many firms and organizations consider visitor logbooks to be in a digital way rather than the old style. These digital electronic solutions have been helping organizations and would help you, too, to have complete control over the people visiting the house.

To keep a record of the people visiting the premises, an accurate visitor’s log must be made. With proper columns of space for registration and recording the sign-in and out, it needs a spreadsheet. There are other things that must be kept in mind while making your visitors log.

What is a Visitor Log?

A Visitor Log, also termed as “Visitor logbook/log sheet”, is a documented form with rows and columns holding a complete record of the people visiting a premise. It keeps all the information relating to the visitors such as-name of the visitor, the reason for their arrival, the duration of the stay, time of leaving, document proof, signature, and more details.

The visitor’s log maintained properly assists a company in finding out the necessary information they need. Over the fact, it is the responsibility of a company to have records or the information of the people who entered the organization and for what. It says a lot about the company’s security policy which thereby helps them find any issue later on.

Visitor Log Templates

Sample Visitor Log Template


Organization Visitor Log Template

Organization Visitor Log TemplateCustomizable Visitor Log Template
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Organization Visitor Log Template



Organization Visitor Log can be used by any registered entity to have the visitor data stored in an organized manner for future reference.

This visitor logbook has all the necessary fields to record all the important details of the visitor, including the log-in time, purpose, visiting person, address with contact number and leaving time. Presented in Excel VBA format, which could be customized according to the specific requirement.

Free Sample Visitor Log Sheet Templates

Customizable Visitor Log Template



Data Center Visitor Log Template

Data Center Visitor Log Template

Visitor management is indeed an important element to keep security in check for the data center. A well-structured VBA visitor log template can efficiently keep track of the people who come to the center and their activity/purpose of the visit. This excel is extremely efficiently crafted, keeping in mind various needs and a comprehensive form of requirement.

And again, this template comes in VBA format and using the advanced command mechanism; you can easily customize the data field and automate the entry as demanded by the situation.


Army Visitor Log Template



Controlled IT Space Visitor Log Template

Controlled IT Space Visitor Log Template


Business & Property Premises Visitor Log Template

Property Visitor Log Template


Why Maintain a Visitor Log Sheet?

Just like any other work process of visitors, maintenance of a log sheet also falls in the block. While the other essential working methodologies are planned and supposed to be implemented, a visitors’ logbook was always considered. If your company has still not implemented this necessary piece of work, then it must do as soon as possible.

But before you do, we think you should know in detail why a visitor’s logbook must be essentially crafted. So here we will list the reasons that would help you convince the fact:

1. A visitor the log records all the necessary information about each person visiting your premises.

2. Every necessary detail regarding a visitor helps a company to track a person if pronounced as deceitful.

3. The security factor of your company increases as you issue a visitor’s log.

4. During the time of emergency, you would know the list of persons who have been in the organization. It would help you keep an account of all the visitors.

5. Suppose it is the first time a person has entered your premise; you must know why he/she has arrived and with what purpose.

6. It acts as a first interaction basis that gives you and your company a brief feature about the visitor. Since the visitor’s log takes in quite a lot of information, it would be enough to track the person if required.

7. Relieves the company and the existing employees from stress.

We hope the reasons and purposes mentioned above would be enough to convince you to incorporate such essential elements in your working methodology. Also check out key log template.

Visitor management excel template 

Business Visitor Log Template


Visitor Entry Register Template in PDF Format

Visitor Entry Register Template


Security Visitor Log Template

Security Visitor Log Template


School Visitor Log Template

School Visitor Log Template


When should a Visitor Log be Crafted?

A visitor log must be crafted at the beginning of the inauguration. Just after your premise is open for all, try starting with the visitor log sheet.

Otherwise, it is always the right time to start with the maintenance of the visitor log as it adds to your benefit.

Where can a Visitor Log be Introduced?

We have indeed focused a lot on the organization and corporate companies while speaking about the visitor’s log. A visitor’s log can be and is maintained by all such Institutions and processes, which involves a lot of people coming in and out.

The place where the sign in and out is more in numbers, a visitor’s log sheet can be maintained. The place could be

  1. A medical institution.
  2. A legal station.
  3. An educational institution.
  4. A residential building, or a corporate house.

So, no matter what kind of building you are in the authority of, if it is the walking space of a lot of people, you must have a visitor log.

Company visitor log template

Changeable Visitor Log Template


Guest book template word

Certification Program Visitor Log Template


Visitor Log Book Template


Visitor log template covid-19

Visitors Daily Log Template


Visitor sign in sheet template word Format

Visitor Register Log Template


What are the Different Kinds of Visitor Logs?

The variations in the visitor log template come from its field of usage. The more it gets exposure, the more its usage is. Previously, we discussed the places where a visitor log is technically utilized- a medical Institution, a legal place, an academic institution, a residential building, and a corporate building.

These are the places we know about, but there exist some workplaces we want to talk about in this content to let you know how the visitor log becomes useful at such a place.

a. Data center visitor log.

Data centers are a resourceful field prone to theft of information and resources. The black hackers try to grab the maximum benefit of the data centers whilst they visit. As a visitor, you don’t really know their objective. To instill preventive measures, a data center visitor log is essential. It would help the data center keep a record of the persons coming in and out of the data center and if any falsification or any misinterpretation is noticed, the person could be tracked.

“n” a number of sensitive and personal information is recorded in data centers that are not subjected to public access.

So, to have an insight into the place, the data center must allow the data center visitor to log in so it gets security.

b. Server room visitor log.

The server rooms are instilled with technologies and computer networking systems. The server room consists of computers and other electrical sources that feed to the entire networking system. It is quite factual that a server room would incorporate some valuable insights. It would have system redundancies, solve cable Management Solutions, fire suppression systems, and airflow planning. A room is filled up with so valuable resources and is a station of problem-solving that could not be accessed by any person.

Only the members of the department or the invited would be allowed to get in. Even if any person claims to be the one who has been invited for a few works, they should write their name, address, phone number, and email id in the visitor log so they could contact the person if required. With a visitor log, you could at the least get a minimum of information about the person who has done some falsification in the system.

c. Construction site visitor log.

The construction sites are often visited by random people but this isn’t the right way of managing the construction process. You never know who gets into your work and do some errors intentionally so that you suffer and you are liable for their work. Many construction walking processes have been postponed due to some issues and no one has an idea how that cropped up. As a construction head or a subcontractor, it is quite unprofessional to blame any person working.

The laborers and other employees working at your construction, internally or externally, have a record with the company. Anything has been done by them; you know which group of people to ask. So, if you want your construction to work smoothly, you need to know the people who are coming in and out at any time. The best way to do it is by letting a person handle a visitor log so they can write the name of the person and a few details about them while they enter the construction site. This way you could keep an eye on and know who has entered the site.

Is it possible to integrate and keep records of the Covid-19 report in the Visitor Log Book?

If your company has a strict covid-19 rule regarding who can visit your company office, then the covid-19 report could be integrated or added to the visitor logbook.

The person in charge of supervising the visitor logbook can inspect the covid-19 test report provided by the visitor and record that in the logbook to have the data registered.

Can a Visitor Log be used as Legal Document?

Visitor log records anyone other than company employee who is coming in and going out at office or construction premises and keep the data on date-wise basis along with in-coming and out-going time log, who they want to meet, their contact details, their identity and contact number etc., Normally either a security guard or an attending is in charge who supervise the procedure that the visitor inputs are correct.

So, when needed, a visitor log could be used as an alibi, and if there is any security camera on the premises, the video footage could solidify the claim of alibi, which could be used as a legal document in certain situations.
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