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Overviewing the strategies of a company to reach the desired state could only be possible through a mission statement template. Unlike the vision statement template that presents the desired state the company aspires to be in, the mission statement is the following step that clearly defines the strategic moves the company uses to reach the aspired state.

The company in the foundation stage invests a good time to craft a good mission statement. It is competent to create a mission statement before starting with the actual work. Having an outline of the strategies that your company would opt for is a good prayer plan.

The mission statement is often published on the company website or in the business plan in a short space of executive summary, showing the internal or external stakeholders have a vision similar to the company.

What is a Mission Statement?

The mission statement template is a concise piece of a business plan. It forms one of the parts of the business plan’s executive summary of the business plan. A paragraph-length mission statement contains information that concerns how a company outlines its actions to accomplish its desired benchmark.

Mission statements provide significant information concerning a company and its goals. It is published on the company’s website. Hence providing access to every audience, be it the stakeholders of this company or the others, the employees of the company, the customers of the company. They know it well as how and why the company is worth setting the stated goal.

The mission statement is referred to the implementation stage of the vision statement.

To sum up, in a line, a mission statement is a summarised section of a company’s actions and strategy to reach its desired goal.

Mission statement templates

Mission Statement Template 001 Personal Mission Statement Template
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Sample Mission Statement Template


Vision and Mission Statements Examples and Templates

Vision And Mission Statement Template


Company Mission Statement Examples

Free Mission Statement

Company Mission Statement Template Fillable Mission Statement Template
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How Mission Statement Differs from the Vision Statement?

The mission statement and the vision statement are relatively interconnected. Not a single statement might have its existence unless the other one is formed. Having said that, there also exist notable differences between the mission and vision statement of an organization.

A mission statement impersonates the business strategy and its implementation process. The readers of the mission statement get to know well how the company has tied the shoes to attain its desired goal. It enables the workers of the organization and the stakeholders to comprehend the company’s mission in the long run, which is no doubt essential. But what about the vision statement.

The vision statement, on the other hand, is the prior step of the mission statement. As the term “Vision”, means Thought or Idea. The vision statement of the company contains the company’s visualization. This process is performed to set a goal. It is the step demonstrating the desired state of the company.

Therefore, the vision statement is the first step, whereas the mission statement is the second step of the procedure of reaching a goal.

Where the vision statement provides a vision to its customers and the company as they need to reach in the stated terms of years, on the other hand, the mission statement clearly defines the procedurals and the working methodologies the company has outlined for implementation.

Despite being different in definition, both are interlinked by their purpose which is to reach the desired benchmark. Every company has its benchmark, but it only comes into existence when created. Therefore before preparing for the mission statement, your company must focus on the vision statement.

On our website, we have linked the sources of having the printable vision statement templates along with the printable mission statement templates. Check them out and download them if you need one for your company.

Vision and Mission Statement Worksheets

Vision And Mission Statement Worksheet Template


Trainee Individual Development Plan Template


Developing a Mission Statement Example

Mission Statement Draft Sample

How To Develop A Mission Statement Template Mission Statement Draft Template
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Mission Statement Gererator Example Template

Mission Statement Generator Template


What are the Key Elements of a Mission Statement?

Writing a statement mission statements template takes an amount of time but not much if you know the exact thing to include. With a good mission statement template, you would find the company information the most and the significant ones only.

Reading a mission statement template will provide you the information concerning the company’s work, its Foundation, its worth, its customers, the walk methodologies, and how its presence has a good influence on the community.

Include the answers to the following questions in the mission statement template.

1. What is your business?

If you could remember, it was mentioned, the mission statement is a piece of the executive summary of the business plan. Therefore information about the business is one of the elements of the mission statement template.
Explain in the mission statement about your company and how it came into being. What was the thought that initiated the company? You could further talk about the purpose of your business as well.

2. What is the purpose of your business or company?

The purpose of the business is the reason why your business exists. And no doubt, it should be one of the key elements of your business plan. The mission statement must never miss out on this.

Explain the primary and secondary purpose of your company. Which idea has initiated the thought of starting the company? It would be better if you provide clarity about the visions that came into play. If you are wondering it is part of the vision statement but providing or short glimpse into the mission statement would not harm rather than good.

3. What are the products or services of your business?

The business has a lot to render to customers and stakeholders. And since the mission statement would be viewed by the stakeholders and the customers, it would be rich content.

Incorporate the product your business is walking on right now. How do you think it would help the customers in their general lifestyle? What services the product would render in addition?

Besides the product or services, a company also invest their time and pond in agencies and several other internal and external program. If it is open for the customers as well, then you must incorporate it in the mission statement template.

4. What is your business worthy of?

Every owner of a business knows what their company is worth. Not in the matter of financial status only but how it has seen the growth and is also currently in the run excel new goals. Passing the idea and the knowledge of it to your customers and stakeholders is a great way to let them increase the value of your company.

Talk about the business capabilities and strengths. Mention how your business is unique from the competitors existing in the market? Explain what competencies make your company different. What capability do the employees of your organization and stakeholders have that has made your company a recognized one? Talking about the capability of your own company is a great way to explain why you think your business is worth it. It would automatically convince your outsiders and insiders and bring in prospective customers as well.

5. If your company has some loyal customers?

The best way to show the worth is to present the facts and information concerning the customers, especially the loyal ones. The customer who has been a sincere customer of your company only for many years are your loyal customers. Incorporating such facts in your mission statement template will tell your prospective customers and the stakeholders who does your company interests.

6. What strategical moves are followed by the business?

The mission statement is majorly about the strategic plans and the business moves. Therefore the incorporation of the same is essential. Use clear and concise words to explain the business Strategies and their implementation process.

Talk about the plans at least 3 years in the run. Describe the plans and how the company has outlined its business plan to reach its desired goal.

7. What influence your business has on the community?

Corporate social responsibility is a technical methodology of every business and office. Incorporating the same in the mission statement template would provide a view to the outsiders. Unless you share the facts about your business with them they would not know so, we recommend it, including the influence your business has on the community.

Remember the customers are the community; therefore, the more they find your business influence on them and the benefits you are rendering on the society, the better they would be attracted towards your company.

Therefore, the mission statement would not only become the in-house document for providing the plan of action but also a document to provide a perspective.

Mission Statement Template 002



Mission statement examples

Free Vision Statements Examples

Creating Mission Statements Template Overall Career Mission Statement Template
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Vision vs Personal Mission Statement Template


Develop A Shared Vision, Mission And Goals Template


Mission statement template word Format

vision and mission statement template

Mission Statement Template 003 Developing A Mission Statement Template
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Mission statement template google docs Example

Your Mission Statement And Goals Template


How Critical A Mission Statement is?

A Mission statement certainly plays a great role in helping to visualize certain objectives. Regardless of the company sizing, it has a great benefit to offer, so it should not be overlooked while planning. The Mission statement sheds the actual light on the business objective and help to figure the fine tuning while crafting business plan. 

If you plan to follow a roadmap to establish your brand in the market, then the business decision should be taken based on proper planning crafted in the mission statement. Here are some critial objectives mission statement offers:

  • Proper Direction to the Company GoalWhen a company has a fixed set of target, it works in an organized manner and focuses on that objective by completing a series of actions. All the employee of the company has a clear idea of what they are supposed to do and they can clearly focus on that to maximize the output.
  • Helps to take informed decision based on proper planning

    The process of business activities are dynamic depending on the result outcome market is offering based on the series of actions taken by the company. It does not have pre-defined ‘one shoe fits all’ approach. And this is where the mission statement format offers a great value to the company by offering certain objectives based on which the company can take informed decision complying with the market outlook. It becomes the objective guideline and the authority has the clear vision of their decision-making process.
  • Provides a perfect road map and vision that everyone can focus on the growth of the company

    The Vision itself gives a proper visualization of the future outcome and where things can lead in the future. By providing a proper guideline to the road map planning, the company can focus on a series of actions now and the company has a clear visualization of the future outcome, which they can expect in return of their action. Once the employee has the vision of what they can expect, they can freely concentrate and dedicate to their job role.
  • Makes the work-wheel stronger

    “Where do you see yourself in next years in this company?’ It’s a common job interview question being asked by the several companies while recruiting a new employee in the company workforce. But there is another dimension as well. Often the interviewee also pop in the same question “Where can we expect the company in the next 5 years to be?”. A well-crafted mission statement can give the proper induction to the goals of the company and which direction the company should focus on. A Mission statement provides the clear outlook, direction and goal of the company, which can be presented towards the workforce of the company. Once everyone knows what they are working for, it provides the whole work-wheel a strong motivational boost and makes them work as a team.
  • Helps to embrace and adopt the new changes

    Change is a part of the life; regardless it’s a man or a business. If a business fails to embrace he changing atmosphere of the whole ecosystem, it will not survive the test of time. Change is a part of evolution. In fact, for a business, making necessary changes help the company keep floating above the water in difficult market condition. Company can make as many changes as required but it should not get carried away from its primary outlook based on the mission statement template unless the company has planned a total restructuring of the business operation.
    A Mission statement provides an unique road map to achieve the company objective. So the company can embrace the changing market condition and make the proper changes based on the mission statement guideline to stay on track.
Creating A Mission Statement Template


Mission statement template for students

Business mission statement sample

Editable Mission Statement Template Customizable Mission Statement Template
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Developing A Personal Mission Statement Template


Mission Sample Statement Template


Personal Mission Statement Template

Sample Mission Statement for Non Profit

Personal Mission Statement Fillable Template Sample Mission Statement Template 001
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Couple Financial Mission Statement Template


Sample Personal Mission Statement Template


Company mission statement template

Mission statement example for business

Sample Wellness Committee Mission Statements Template Creating Mission And Vision Statements Template
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Developing Vision And Mission Statement Template


How To Write A Program Mission Statement Template


Changeable Mission Statement Template Sample Mission Statement Worksheet Template
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Fillable Mission Statement Worksheet Template Mission Statement Worksheet Template
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