16+ Supplier (Vendor) List Templates in PDF, Word, Google Sheets

A successful business operation counts on several suppliers and vendors collaborating with the company by providing or supplying goods or services. Companies maintain Supplier List Template to keep records of such suppliers or Vendors to get in touch with them whenever necessary.

Companies need to note down and record the suppliers they have once contacted or had a good deal. A company can never single-handedly run without purchasing any items outside their parameter. It is not feasible for any organization to maintain such mechanisms within their organization, and this is where Vendors play a significant role. Companies maintain a master vendor list template, aka Supplier List Template, which includes the vendors that supply raw material, custom parts, and other consumable supplies that they use as raw material to produce finished goods.

This article has entirely focused on and how a business house applies it in their business concern.

Particularly in trade and Commerce, a supplier list has gained enough magnitude. Thus, we have decided to make a dedicated post on 16+ supplier list templates and a supplier list’s fundamental theory.

Who is a Supplier/Vendor?

A supplier is an individual or a concern that supplies their own manufactured goods and services to the companies who use them as semi-finished products or raw material to get to the own final product output. It includes raw materials, custom parts, semi-finished products, or partially assembled product components required to prepare the finished goods.

Suppliers are also termed as vendors. They collaborate with the scores of the company and supply their manufactured items to them.

What is a supplier/Vendor list?

Suppliers list is a document created by companies to keep documentation of the number of suppliers they once collaborated with or are still in touch with.

It is undeniable for a company to require several vendors to help them organize their finished goods. Thus, they record the suppliers by their names, types of raw material they provide, contact information, and other company basis details.

This organized vendor list template is extremely useful to contact a specific company when required.

Supplier list template


What is a Supplier List Template?

The supplier list template is a document crafted by an organization to keep the record of the known suppliers as per their rating and availability.

It is structured in a layout or form where the suppliers’ name is written down beside the contact details, including location and the details of the product they supply.

Supplier/Vendor list & FAQ


Managing Vendors with Excel List

Managing vendors is critical for a business to have an optimal supply chain functionality for smooth business operations. An organized excel list can help enlist all vendors with respective contact details and manage them as required. Finding out the exact supplier, when needed, becomes ease in a vendor management excel template.

Vendor Evaluation Template:

Companies grow with time. With a growing business, the database of suppliers or vendors increases. It is necessary to focus on the evolution process and take corrective measures to have a persuasive to-the-point list template with performance grade and number scoring system. The interactive platform allows vendors to leave their thoughts and comment about the performance, and individual actions could be taken based on communication.

Why is it Essential to Maintain a List of Suppliers aka Vendor database?

For companies dealing with goods and services in bulk requires to keep a supplier list. Without a list, an individual or team of members can’t keep a count of all the vendors and suppliers the have once worked with or are currently in business. Therefore, it becomes essential to maintain a list of suppliers.

A useful supplier list does what is meant for. Without it, there is a significant chance of having trouble finding a specific supplier when they need to contact him.

It might not be a must-have document like a purchase order template for a small business concern, but larger companies who deal with multiple suppliers to buy raw materials certainly need a supplier or vendor list. It is also an excellent practice to maintain a supplier list template regardless of the company size.

You might think yourself whether you need to involve a list of a supplier in your company. Ask the following questions to yourself or any of your employees, and you would know whether you need it or not.

Do you remember the vendor you contacted last week/month or a year back regarding particular materials?

Do I remember the contact details of the XYZ supplier?

If the contact person is not available, then who to contact in an emergency?

You might get one right or several rights, but it is impossible to have in mind every minute detail concerning several suppliers. So, it becomes crucial to record information regarding suppliers so that they can be contacted whenever needed.

Here we present some justified and theoretical reasons to confirm the worth of a vendor or supplier list:

Approved Vendor List Template in PDF

Approved Vendor List Template in PDF

Suppliers/ Vendor Contact List

Suppliers or Vendor Contact List

Use this simple yet effective template to list all the vendors your business is engaged with. You can easily include new vendors in this simple sheet after the new vendor request form template is processed.


Licensing Vendor List in PDF

Licensing Vendor List

Qualified Vendor List Template

Qualified Vendor List Template

Vendor Price List template in DOC

This dedicated price list template has been designed to track pricing for all the vendors. One can easily compare the pricing structure provide by a particular supplier and compare the rate with multiple vendors. This interactive data-driven template will let you evaluate pricing structure comparison among multiple suppliers based on the purchased quantity and respective raw material pricing.
Vendor price list template

Befinifts of an organized Vendor or supplier list:

• The Vendor list helps a company find contact details of any supplier quickly with all information and important notes.

• A supplier list with proper annotation is a handy instrument in the negotiation process. It helps to shortlist the vendor list with whom further pricing discussion can be held.

• A supplier list helps a company to recognize its outreach in the industrial domain.

• When a company wants to purchase a specific raw material or service, they can go through the supplier list template and find the best suitable supplier to collaborate with.

• As for the records and range of continuity with few vendors, a company gets the chance to ask for discounts on a higher volume of orders.

• A supplies list speaks a lot about a company and its working methodology. One can determine and draw a line on having a glance on the list of suppliers a company maintains.

What should be included in the supplier list?

To know what to include in a supplier list, one needs to assess and identify their suppliers’ requirements and sources. As per the demand of the company, the format and the elements differ a bit.

Every company works depending on the company outlook, business operation, and the goal it is striving to achieve. There isn’t a suppliers list template that fits all, but a particular structure could be followed to build a comprehensive supplier or vendor list template.

First, to start the process, determine the kind of information your company wants about their vendors to be in a documented form.

To help you out through the elements here, we have listed down elements with respective proper formations commonly mentioned and used in a supplies list template.

  • Name of Companies
  • Name of supplier
  • Contact details including email ID
  • His/her position title
  • Physical Address or Location
  • Raw meterial details or service with proper spesification
  • Emergency number incase the contact person is not available
  • Notes and proper annotation of the ongoin deals.
  • Key grade
  • Any key suppiler information which could be viable for a spesific business type
Vendor Price List
Sample Vendor List
Registered Vendor List

Types of Supplier list/Vendor list: Business segments where vendors list comes to use:

Every business operation needs some raw material or service to perform the product output. As there are limitless business types and operations, so it does not indicate any inclination towards the firms only. Apart from large organizations and industries, it is also used by small Agencies and wedding companies, and many other event planners.

Let us discover the places where the vendor’s list is also used other than an organization:

1. Industrial firms vendor List: Large companies maintain an organized vendor list to perform business operations swiftly.

2. Wedding planners vendor list: In business, wedding planners have firmly rooted themselves for few decades. Previously it was not really on the floor, but it has enhanced more and still runs in the upward graph.

The wedding planners take up all the responsibility on behalf of the families and their relatives. Starting from caterer to decoration to lighting, everything is upon them.

For performing such works in a short time, they need to keep a record of the vendors’ contact list, or else when required, they would fumble around, and nothing would go as per the plan.

For each department, a separate list of vendors can be maintained. For example: for lighting and sound separate, a document can be crafted for catering to a list of different caterers as per their rates and quality, and music.

3. Event planners Suppliers or vendor List: Same as the wedding planners, the event planners contribute their effort and time in preparing a different kind of events. An event such as political campaign, sponsorship events, product launching, promotional events, special events concerning a movement are entirely handled and managed by event planners.

Everything is brought and managed by the event planners from the start to the end, so it is evident for them to maintain a suppliers list and choose to contact anyone from it.

Depending on the budget and workplace, they determine which vendor to work with to suit the prescribed budget.

4. Contractors Vendor List: Head contractors are always in good contact with subcontractors and other suppliers and vendors if they are surrounded in this sphere. Contractors always maintain a suppliers list as it is the most essential document for them.

Wedding Vendor Contact List Template
Master Vendor List Template
Vendor List Template in PDF
Preferred Vendor List in DOC
Blank vendor List Template

How to create a supplier list Template?

Here is a step-by-step procedure to craft a suppliers list effectively to make it a useful document. The supplier list is not rigid rather quite flexible to add and deduct anything from it. Moreover, as it is now crafted on a digital document, it has become more comfortable and more straightforward to process.

Usually, the suppliers’ contact list are drafted in Microsoft Excel as it is in the form of a spreadsheet, and that is what the list demands. Or else it can be created in Microsoft Word or Google Spreadsheet.

Let us first walk through the steps of vendors contact list:

Step 1: Open a blank document in Microsoft Excel

Step 2: Provide a title to the document on the top of the Template. To do so, one needs to make a clean gap in the spreadsheet.

Step 3: Select two consecutive cells along a row and click on “Merge and Center.” On clicking the option, the lines that divide the sections would erase. Use the gap to write the title and other details concerning the Template.

Step 4: Once you complete, fill the heads of the column as per the requirement. Follow up proper sequence to fill the cells.

For example:

Suppliers name > Contact number > supplier type > Key Grade

Step 5: Finish the Template and save the file.

Go to the office button and select the option save as. As you click on the option, a dialogue box would open with a blank space to fill in with the file’s name. Put a name to the file and click on OK.

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