9+ Sample purchase order template For excel


9+ Sample purchase order template For excel: A Purchase Order is an official document that is issued by a buyer to the person who is selling the commodities that is/are being purchased. Purchase Order is quite a useful business tool to organize the proceeding of Purchase order system systematically and efficiently. A standard purchase order format mainly shows the purchases that are done to the costs of each of the items that are purchased, the number of quantities of the commodities, the total cost incurred by the buyer to purchase all the goods and services from the seller. All these Purchase Order templates for excel has almost all predefined fields which could be customized according to the business needs.

Free Purchase Order Template for Excel

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Simple Purchase Order Template for Excel

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Key Components of a Purchase Order

  1. PO Number# This is one of the key elements of a standard purchase order. It helps to keep Purchase order in a systematic way and track down any order status efficiently.
  2. Business Name: Name of the business and its address
  3. Business Logo: Any standard Purchase order would have this option where business logo could be inserted.
  4. Suppliers details: Business name of the suppliers and its physical address should be there on a Purchase order to be treated as a valid document.
  5. Shipping details: Exact location of the address where products or goods should be delivered.
  6. Product details: All product specification, quantity, preferred price, description and total value should be added to the Purchase order.
  7. The shipping terms: If the buyer wants to give any special instruction to the supplier then he must include it in the shipping terms segment.

Excel Purchase Order Template For Free Download

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Sample Excel Purchase Order Template

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Sample Purchase Order Format in Excel

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Things you can do after getting any of the Purchase Order Template for Excel

Download the one that you feel best suits with the nature of the Company or the Business Organization. After downloading the template take a good look at the different fields and segments. As these excel templates are customizable so click to edit. Editing in the sense to enter the name of your business enterprise add the logo in the Company name and business logo section. You can be also adding the address and the other things that you feel necessary. Then keep on editing and adding values which are required according to the fields. Finally, when you have entered all the values into the right fields, save the document for further use.

Sample Purchase Order Format in Excel

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Downloadable Purchase Order Format for Excel

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Standard Purchase Order Format for Excel

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Example Purchase Order Format for Excel

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Why almost all business now uses Purchase Order:

There have been cases where small business organizations have ended up losing some amount of money because they had no proper proof of the transactions that took place between them and the customer. The orders have been placed and the seller did send the said commodities in the asked proportions to the buyer. Due to various fraud cases, the seller is highly affected and the Organization might not be receiving any money from the Buyer who has placed the order. There are innumerable cases like these where different sellers have shut down their business organization due to the loss that they have incurred. Well, what can be done to avoid such circumstances? First of all, you will be required to have a proper document of the transaction that you are going to have with the buyer. This process will be helping you to track the stock that you are having in the stores and how much you have sold it out.

Thus, a purchase order is sent in the first instance by the buyer to the seller. This document that is sent by the buyer to the seller is a proof that the buyer is placing an order in front of the seller to sell the said organizations with the things that are mentioned in the purchase order. This document is to be accepted by the seller first within a period of 30 to a maximum of 60 days. Once the purchase order is accepted by the seller, the said goods and services will be delivered to the buyer.


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