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Developing a new program or analyzing the aspect of an existing program requires a logic model. On using, one can visually represent a chart where the working procedure would be listed logically. Enhancing the productivity of the work requires logic hence the logic model template.

Any organization is a government or private uses a logical model to evaluate programs and implement them in a sensible pattern. It further explains what needs to be done and how it should be done. The outcome of the work to be done is written in the columns in the logic model template so one can picture how the program would work in actuality. It could be in the form of short-term outcomes, intermediate outcomes, and long-term outcomes. Based on these forecasted outcomes, the employees work logically as represented in the logic model template.

What is a Logic Model?

A logic model is a coherent representation of any program that explains what is to be done and how it is to be done. It provides a clear picture of how a program would work in actuality if logically implemented.

This outlined document further holds the causes and effects. It focuses on the intended effect or the outcomes of the model. The outcomes are standardized into three sections- short term, intermediate and long term.

The estimated outcome formulated in the logic model template showcases the productivity of the program designed. It explains why the ideas and the strategies included to achieve a goal are worth enough to be used in this program.

Logic Model Templates

Program Logic Model Worksheet Template A Logic Model Template 001
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Sample Logic Model Template


Logic model development Guide

Performance Measures Logic Model Template

Fillable Logic Model Template Performance Measures Logic Model Template
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Sample Logic Model

Sample Logic Model Template 001


Logic Model Template 003


Program Logic Model Template

Sample Program Logic Model Template

Program Logic Model Template Sample Program Logic Model Template
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Editable Logic Model Template


What are the Different Aspects of a Logic Model?

There exist four components in a logic model. Each of the four components is interconnected with each other creating a logical procedure altogether. But before getting into the components of the logic model template, you need to understand the exact reason for creating it.

Find the valid or logical reason behind the drafting of it. You have planned to create a logic model; there might be some prevailing issues in the organization or in any program that needs to be taken care of. Or there might arise any new program that has to be planned through the logic model template. No matter what the reason is, it is to be known and written down in the logical model template in one or two lines.

Now that you are aware of the cause of creating the logic model template, you can explain to your employees or team members the requirement. Let’s begin the format of the logic model template chronologically showcasing the contents.

1. Current situation.

There is a prevailing situation within which you have planned to develop the logic model. Describe the current situation SO2 logically input why the changes or the planning is necessary. There must be some issues in the current situation that has instigated you to develop one. Incorporate the same in the plan to effectively chalk out the next components in the logic model template.

2. Inputs.

Inputs are the resources that go into a program. It incorporates every kind of resource or input required to carry out the program. It could be in the form of finance, labor, machine, and technology. All aspects are considered and written down in the input column of the logic model template. This is why it is prepared so the readers know exactly what resources are required for the project and why it is essential, what benefit it adds to the program.

Some ideas of the basic inputs of any program.

Raw materials.


Employees or staff.

Financial resources/ investment.

Organizational resources.


Besides these tangible resources of a program, it additionally might require some policies as well to eradicate any intangible issues or restrictions that might hinder the completion of the project. It could be design guidelines that need to be followed while working or implementing the project plan. The policies if printed in a form of a document it would help the manpower to be in control of what could be done and what could not be done to be in a parameter.

3. Activities.

The activity represents the effort involved in a program. It explains how the resources will be used in the program. Unless the activities are planned logically, no matter how rich the resources it would not affect the entire program. Therefore it is essential to plan the activities using the resources well, so no gaps are left.

The solutions to the identified problems are incorporated in this column of the logical model template. Plan the activities when and after so the identified issues in the program or the organization could be solved using the resources available.

4. Output.

The output is the estimated outcome that would be produced through the activities. The activities which were planned earlier using a logical way of outlining must have the desired output. If that is reached, it is written in the column of the output in the logic model template

Besides the outcomes, you might also include the timeline of the activities so the expected outcome date could be identified. Your team members must know when the program would be finished and the outcome would be received. It could take a month-long, a week-long, or a decade as well.

5. Outcomes.

These are the intended effect of any project planning. It refers to the changes resulting from the program. Through this column, you could deliver the points that would clarify if the desired output is achieved or not. It is the effect of the influence it has made on the required level. In the logic model template, you could segregate the outcome in three different ways.

Short-term outcome– it is the outcome produced within a week or month. This is an immediate effect of activity and is termed as short term outcome.

Intermediate outcome– this outcome is delivered in the mid-week or a month of the entire program. The outcome is broader in nature.

Long-term outcome– it is delivered after a decade of the program. the long-term outcome as well as a broad outcome the change of which is ultimate.

Logic model examples

Annotated Logic Model Template

Logic Model Template 004 Annotated Logic Model Template
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Logic Model Template 005


Logic Model Sample Template


Logic model worksheet

Blank logic model template

Changeable Logic Model Template Logic Model Template 006
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Customizable Logic Model Template


Program logic model template word

Priority For Logic Model Template

Logic Model Template 007 Priority For Logic Model Template
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Logic Model Fillable Template


What are the Uses of a Logic Model?

An organization could use a logic model in any number to either resolve any concerns they are dealing with or develop a new program. It enables the organization to create the outline of a project strategy or a project plan in an organized manner. Besides these, there are some specific users that an organization makes using a logic model template.

1. Planning.

The structural overview of the logic model seems like it is meant for planning business. It is best used to clarify strategies of a new program or an existing one. It enables the individual to confirm if the strategy is effective for the particular program or not. The forecasting team could effectively use the logic model and pen down the input, activities, output, and outcome. Of course, it would be an estimated list of planning but at least the logic model will be a contribution to the business.

A logic model could be used to set goals and create time schedules. It can further be used to prioritize elements in a program, assign the roles and responsibilities to the team members, and define the partnerships.

2. Promotion.

The logic model is a great tool to be used for the promotion and marketing of any particular program in the virtual sector. The inclusions in the logic model will effectively spread the idea of your business and you can utilize it quite enough to connect it with the people.

Suppose your company has planned a community program in collaboration with other entities. It would demand the participation of the customers and other people. The customers would only participate in the program if your plan seems convincing to them.

Therefore using the logic model template of your program your company could share ideas concerning the same.

The information concerning the resources and activities as included in the logic models will create transparency. It would lure the customers to take part in the program.

3. Evaluation.

Logic models can be used in the evaluation process as well. As you line up the information in the logic model, it could be used to confirm the strategies with the desired goal. It could be easily seen if the strategies are worthy enough and effective for the program in a plan. The concepts could be measured and structured easily using the logic model templates.

For proper evaluation could only be done with a previous record of the program outcome. Therefore to record, the same a good logic model could be used so the accomplishment of the entire program could be stored. It would serve as evidence and let people visualize the forecasted plan and the thing that is going on with the program. Therefore besides evaluation, the logic model equally gives a picturisation of the reality.

4. Orientation of stakeholders.

The stakeholders and the employees of an organization need to comprehend the process of reaching the benchmark or else it would create confusion. The best way to inform them about the procedure is by using a logic model. The information included in the logic model template would help them understand how the orientation would take place and how they have planned the work to be done.

It must clearly show the roles and responsibilities of each member of a team. A clear description of the activities must also refer to the expected amount of effort from the employees. To enhance it a bit more, prepare a section in the logic model so they could check on a timely basis if the strategy mentioned in the logic model is working for the program or not. If the mentioned strategy doesn’t work then what is the alternative to it.

All of this information would be a great contribution to the orientation of stakeholders and employees in the organization.

Since an organization is vast, an immense number of users could be lined up for the logic model template. These are some of them. To better understand its utilization of it, you could refer to the logic model templates while discussing any project in your company.

State Level Logic Model Template

Logic Model Development Template

State Level Logic Model Template Logic Model Development Template
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Leadership Development Task Force Logic Model Template


Metrics Logic Model Template

RAND Logic Model Template With Evidence

Metrics Logic Model Template RAND Logic Model Template With Evidence
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RAND Logic Model Template


Who are the Users of the Logic Model?

Usually, the sectors concerned with the business in terms of finance and economy are the major users of the logic model template, as they need to view any program in a strategic way but a condensed form. And what better than a logic model could do. But to be specific, these are some of the fields and individuals who could effectively use the logic model template:

a. Planners.

b. Funders.

c. Managers.

d. Program evaluators.

e. Professors of business education.

If you observe, each of the aforementioned names is directly connected to either finance or business. They use the logic models to chalk out any program, see if the funding would be worth the outcome, use the same to manage an entire department by assigning the specific roles and responsibilities, evaluate the program, communicate, and organize other information concerning any business plan effectively.

If you need a condensed yet broad organized chart to display the bits of any program, then we would recommend you to download any printable logic model templates. On our website, there are many numbers of logic model templates in various formats lined up. If you are willing you could get the free ones or download the exclusive templates as well.

Logic Model Editable Template Complete Logic Model Template
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Using Logic Model Template


BDI Logic Model Template

Blank Multi Year Logic Model Template

BDI Logic Model Template Blank Multi Year Logic Model Template
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Logic Model Template 008 Logic Model Template 002
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