40+ Best FREE Concept Map Templates in Excel/Spreadsheet (Flowchart, Spider)

Conceptualizing learning is the best way of gaining knowledge. When we learn we expect the process to be profound and effective. Unless we comprehend the topic well in our mind and practice as well, we do not learn. In every field of study or work, knowing a process well is the key to success, which is why the concept map templates are so much in use. The medical students are seen to use the concept map templates to understand large topics.

In the concept map templates, a certain concept chosen is broken down into small topics that are visually represented through it. This visual representation helps in better understanding and meaningful learning. Thereby creating reasoning and critical thinking power within a being.

What is Concept Map?

The concept map is a visual representation of a certain topic being divided into smaller points for profound learning and meaningful perception. This is a convenient tool used for presenting better knowledge to the learner. It provides conceptualized education to the apprentice or the students so they could comprehend the topic with transparency.

Any existence of glitch or confusion in understanding a particular topic creates a parameter around thoughtful thinking that limits the critical thinking power as well. Therefore, to subjugate the difficulty in understanding a topic on an academic or business plan, the concept map template is utilized.

Concept Map Templates

Sample Concept Map Template Concept Map Template 001
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Concept Map Fillable Template


Concept Map Template 002


Concept Map Customizable Template Concept Map Template 003
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Concept Map Sheet Template


Main Concept Map Template

Fillable Concept Map Template

Main Concept Map Template Fillable Concept Map Template
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What is the Origin of the Concept Map?

You would find different techniques of learning and teaching as decades pass by, all the efforts are invested to bring up a new technique of learning so the individuals could learn it better and with transparency. Like this, once in the year 1984, Gowik and Novak innovated these tools of learning. Since then, the concept of concept map templates are well known over the world and is used for years now.

Although, the invention of the concept map templates was way before it is not considered a primitive tool. It is because even today there is absolute use of the concept map templates in every field. Not only in the academic ground, but it has its full utilization in the business world as well. The business sectors use the concept map templates to explain the business plan to their team. While training or on-the-job training, the concept map templates are quite a in use. The students have found the concept map in books where authors have utilized it in the best way to study get a certain topic or to explain classifications.

Since the invention, every field of work and academics has adopted the concept map templates and practice them to teach profoundly. This is how the concept map templates originated and in use since then.

Concept Map Editable Template


Customizable Concept Map Template


Editable free concept map template

Blank concept map template

Concept Map Worksheet Template Concept Map Template 004
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Concept Definition Map Template

Concept Definition Map Template


Nursing concept map template word

Concept Map Sample Template

Editable Concept Map Template Concept Map Sample Template
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What are the Different Types of Concept Map?

The concept map template has been further segregated into five types of mapping processes. Knowing about the five concept map templates would help you choose the ideal one for your work. One kind of concept map template would be appropriate for a certain kind of process of learning whereas in different learning or topics you could use other kinds of concept map templates as well to make it more understandable and comprehensible. Therefore, we need to learn about the different types of Concept maps so we could choose the best tool in our process of learning.

1. Spider map.

The spider map looks like a spider chart in actuality. In this map, a key topic is placed in the center of the web and as the ideas are added to it works outwards just like a spider web. The topic which is explained is centralized and then the other Essentials or additions are placed on the outer circle of the main topic. As you add in concepts concerning the topic the spiderweb grows larger and takes enough space. After the preparation of the concept map, it looks like a spider web, therefore this type is called the spider map.

2. Hierarchical Map.

In the hierarchy map, the topic chosen is placed at the top. As a deeper dive is taken on the topic, the discoveries are chronologically added below it. It looks like a hierarchy when concluded. While utilizing the hierarchical map, a specific pattern and a definite sequence are followed to add in topics. As we go down the pattern, the information becomes more precise. Therefore use the hierarchical map of concept map templates when there is a need of specifying information concerning a topic.

It can be used in both the organization and in an academic institution.

3. Flow chart map.

We have widely used the flowchart and seen it in academic books. The flowchart is a common map used to classify any sector or department in an organization, and in academics, it is used to study Gate or divide a certain concept into several topics. Each topic coming out of the flowchart is then later explained comprehensively.

The utilization of the flowchart map is quite linear and therefore could easily be used by students and employees. It is why this is the most commonly used mapping process.

5. System map.

The system map is the most common and professionally practiced concept mapping. It is a detailed and a bit intricate mapping system that combines different data. In the same system map, the data are connected using a networking system. To be precise, the relationship or the connection between each data that connects to the main topic explains on a system map itself. This could be one of the reasons which are why the system map is professionally handled and used in organizations.

System mapping is quite advantageous since it generates critical thinking power and enables individuals to be quick with problem-solving. The one making the system map template needs to have a better understanding of the topic or else it would be nothing but a chaotic mess. The creator of the system map must be confident enough to draw the specifications of the central topic for an accurate explanation.

Changeable Concept Map Template


Concept Map Sheet Sample Template


Concept Map Example Template

Concept Map Format Template

Concept Map Tractor Template Concept Map Format Template
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Vocabulary Concept Map Template


Concept Map Changeable Template


Why Do People Use Concept Map?

The reason behind adopting the different types of concept map templates is its benefits. The profits that are gained due to the adoption of concept map templates are because of which people all over the world use concept mapping. We have lined up the benefits and the reasons in points for better understanding, let’s take a look at it.

1. Concept mapping enables quick interpretation of information in a visual representation.

2. The concept mapping used in organizations help the team members in a project. The members could easily comprehend the topic being discussed about the project. Especially the processes involved in the business plan are well explained through concept mapping.

3. It facilitates better and clean communication without any confusion.

4. Often while explaining any topic to others becomes difficult but with a concept map template it is easier to provide a good and profound understanding of knowledge.

5. The learners could easily connect with the topic being discussed since it is in the form of a visual representation that provides a linear approach.

6. Using the concept map templates the students or the learners could do self-evaluation using the same concept map used by the teachers while explaining.

7. The concept map templates generate the power of critical thinking and reasoning within individuals which help them evaluate the situations and the knowledge better.

8. The concept mapping is in itself a great process since it combines other related topics as well, thereby increasing the knowledge boundary.

9. The concept map is also a great contribution to the decision-making process. Since it the in a visually represented form, it is easier to locate and find the possible outcomes, thereby making forecasting easier. Anyways representation of outcomes and actions on the same page helps in taking the right decisions.

Besides these, there exist a lot more uses of the concept map templates. The business and the academic ground have more possible approaches which we will be discovered later in the section.

Title Concept Map Template Concept Map Template 005
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Concept Map Sample Template 001


Concept Map Changeable Sheet Template



Concept Map Template 006 Concept Map Fillable Template 001
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Concept Map Template 007


How do Business Organizations Utilize Concept Map Templates?

As aforementioned earlier, business organizations and corporate houses have widely adopted the concept mapping. It has contributed a lot to their working methodology that leads more businesses to adopt the concept. To say in actuality, no business organization could work in the absence of concept ap templates.

Explaining any topics or business concepts would require the usage of concept map templates. Let’s find out more about the uses of concept map templates in business.

1. To start with the basic use of the concept map template in the organization we would say that a team is well explained about a business topic using the concept map template. The format of the concept mapping facilitates a clear and conceptualize learning business plan.

2. The interns have well explained the basics of the company using a certain kind of Concept map template. It also has its hand in providing knowledge about the company policy and its methodology.

3. While giving training to the newcomers, or in on-the-job training the concept map template is widely used to explain the methodologies and illustrate the work responsibility.

4. The presentations in the business could easily be made using concept map templates. Usually, presentations are created to provide information and knowledge about something and what better than a concept map template could make in this feild.

The formatting structure of the concept map templates creates an organized and structured view of the business plan. It enables the business to make a good pitch to the clients.

5. It is helpful in the decision-making process. Concept map templates provide a visual representation of the action and the outcome on the same page which helps the learners visualize the pros and cons. Having both the Representation help the business employees for the decision-makers conclude without any complications.

6. The team members or the employees in the corporate house receive a convenient tool using which they can do a self-analysis of their level of understanding and improve if needed.

7. It showcases the hierarchy of concepts. A definite chronological order in a concept map template help understands the sequence.

8. The concept map templates are utilized in delegating responsibilities in a company.

9. You might find the concept map templates in the prospectus as well. The maker of the concept map template utilizes it to produce the departments in an organization.

10. In addition the concept map template has contributed its service in decentralizing responsibilities as well.


Format Map Concept Template



Concept Sheet Map Template

Daily Activity Map Concept Template

Concept Sheet Map Template Daily Activity Map Concept Template
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Concept Map Template 008


Concept Map Template 009 Party Concept Mapping Template
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Concept Map Template On Eating



Example Concept Map Template

Patient Concept Map Template

Example Concept Map Template Patient Concept Map Template
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Concept Map Template 010 Concept Map Sheet Editable Template
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