40+ Business Model Canvas Templates in PDF & Doc

Businesses make good use of a business model canvas template to illustrate their business content. It is a part of the strategic movement towards developing a well business model. It could be done by a new company or the existing one having a business model. When using the business model canvas template, the existing business knows more about their business and gains a better knowledge of it.

The business model canvas is a podium on which the art of business is painted. The key elements that bring up a business are simplified in the business model Canvas. It split open the business model into comprehended segments but in a condensed form. The segments are the elements of a business model. It is regarding the partnerships, customer relationships, cost structure, revenue streams, value proposition, channels, etc.

A well-crafted business model Canvas, gives a good understanding of business, thereby helping the business in identifying the need for improvisation.

What is a Business Model Canvas?

A business model canvas template is an entrepreneurial tool used to design and develop a new business model and also improvise the existing one. The managers in the business use the strategic tool to identify the gap in the business and act on the areas.

In the business model Canvas, the business plan is usually segregated into segments. It includes key activities, key partners, key resources, value propositions, customer relationship, customer segment, channels, cost structure, and revenue stream.

Each segment is related to each facet of the business. The individual decentralization of the business plan elements helps in the proper visualization of gaps in business in the form of a simplified chart.

Although the business model canvas is referred to as a simplified model of business, it is crafted in a condensed form. It means the inclusions of the same are written down on the same page but in an isolated manner. The reader would be able to see and understand the segments of the business model and gain a proper understanding of it.

Business Model Canvas Templates

Business Model Canvas Templates Your Business Model Template
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Sample Business Model Template


The Business Model Canvas Template


Value proposition canvas Template

Business model generation

Editable Business Model Canvas Template The Business Model Sample Canvas Template
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Canvas business model Template 

Fillable Business Model Canvas Template


The Social Business Model Canvas Template

The Social Business Model Canvas Template


Why Does a Business Require a Business Model Canvas?

Every business, irrespective of its size and state requires a business model Canvas template. Because innovation is constant yet productive. The business model Canvas initiates innovation in business since it gives the business a new perspective altogether. But is this particular reason enough to convince the significance of it? Not. There are many other benefits vented through a good business model Canvas template, why don’t we look at them and focus on richness.

1. The business model canvas template being a condensed form of business model has categorization. It enables the decision-makers of the business to have a detailed look at the business model. It helps them make informed decisions regarding any necessary shifts in the business model.

2. The elements of a business model canvas exhibit the business model in a newer version. Even if it is the existing business model that has been shown in the business model canvas template, it conveys people a new perspective and a new vision to look at it.

3. With the help of a business model canvas template, the recognized individuals of a company could identify the gap in the business and work on the domains.

4. The business model canvas allows having a better understanding of the business. The existing organizations are usually more benefited from the business model canvas as it helps them appreciate the business further.

5. The information of the business model Canvas initiates good communication with the members of the business about the goal.

6. It helps set a new benchmark and focus on the business to take it to the desired state.

7. The business model Canvas template is a good contribution to the business as it helps the business identify the cost of the business model, how the key activities and resources contribute to the cost structure, its relation with the revenue streams, etc.

It further helps identify the path of generating money through value proposition. The existing problems of the company and how they are going to solve them. It further generates a plan to reach the desired goal, and most importantly, know the business bit by bit.

Small Business Model Template

The Business Model Innovation Canvas Template

Small Business Model Template The Business Model Editable Canvas Template
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Free business model canvas template word Format

Business Model Template 001


Business Model Canvas Template For Social Enterprise

Business model canvas template editable Form

Business Model Canvas Template For Social Enterprise Business Model Template 002
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Describing Company’s Business Model Template

Describing Company's Business Model Template


Business Model Sample Template

The Business Model Fillable Canvas Template

Business Model Sample Template The Business Model Fillable Canvas Template
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Business Model Canvas Workshop Template



Impact Business Model Canvas Template

Business Model Customizable Template

Impact Business Model Canvas Template Business Model Customizable Template
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What Do We find in a Business Model Canvas?

In an imagery view, the business model canvas template looks like a single content, but in actuality, it is a condensed form of 9 major elements of the business model. You will find 9 different inclusions in the business model Canvas template that represents each angle of the business.

The elements that encompass a business model Canvas are:

  • Key partners.
  • Key activities.
  • Key resources.
  • Value propositions.
  • Customer relationship.
  • Customer segments.
  • Channels.
  • Cost structure.
  • Revenue streams.

Each element has a separate angular view of the business. A brief knowledge of these nine elements of the business model Canvas template would help you visualize the opportunities and the parameter of the business. Below provided a complete description of each of the elements.

1. Key Partners.

The members working with the business are the partners of the company. They share a strategic and business relationship with each other that involves the utilization of resources and performance of activities. The partners for the suppliers supply resources to the business and perform some activities as well.

The key partners being one of the elements of the business model canvas template help identify

  • The company’s key partners,
  • The resources received from the partners,
  • Activities performed by them.

The business model canvas further tells the main reason of the business for connecting with the partners.

2. Key activities.

The key activities involved in a business are considered in the business model Canvas template. These activities are the tasks fundamental to the business. For a smooth operation of a business identifying these activities are essential so the gaps could be identified and worked on it.

Things to consider out the business model Canvas-

  • Key activities to deliver the value proposition.
  • Activities on the company.
  • The difference of your company’s revenue stream, channels, and customer relationship with the competitors.
  • Streamline to keep the cost structure low.

3. Key Resources.

Resources that create value for the customers are the major resources of any business. These resources are the assets that are required for the business to sustain itself. These assets are required to operate and deliver the value propositions.

The resources could be financial, physical, intellectual, and human.

  • Things to consider about key resources.
  • Resources necessary to operate the business.
  • Resources necessary to maintain customer relationships and satisfaction.
  • Resources needed to see revenue stream and distribution channel.

4. Value propositions.

The value propositions could be in quantitative and qualitative form. If you consider the quantitative form it would include the price and efficiency, whereas the qualitative form includes the customer experience and outcome.

The value proposition is actually the products and services that the business offers to meet the customers if you are wondering need. The value of the products creates a difference for your company from that of the competitors in the market.

If you are wondering what basis decide the value of the products and services, then these are-

  • Performance.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Customization.
  • Status of the brand.
  • Design.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Price.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Usability, etc.

Things to consider about the value proposition of the business model canvas.

  • Customers access to your products and services.
  • Address issues that the company wants to solve to meet customer satisfaction.
  • The strategic process would smoothly process to satisfy the demand of the customer segment.
  • Identification of the company’s core value.

5. Customer relationship.

Previously the objective of business was different but today, every business wants to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers and definitely a loyal one. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of every business today. This is why it is stated that the consumer is the king who needs to be satisfied with the products and services. But to ensure that the same, the business need to identify certain things, such as:

  • How to bring customers?
  • How to hold on to customers?
  • How to satisfy the customers?
  • How to grow revenue from the current customers?

These questions will help the business form a better business model for customer satisfaction.

Let us tell you about the different types of customer relationships that a business grows over time.

a. Personal assistance.

Personal assistance is a relationship that forms on employee-customer interaction after a sale is performed.

b. Dedicated personal assistance.

The dedicated personal assistance enrolls a sales representative who handles the inquiries and requirements of a special set of customers.

c. Self service.

Self-service video is a relationship that allows a customer to access the services of the company using which they can serve themselves effectively.

d. Automated services.

The automated service is a more personalized service than self-service. In this type of service, the company identifies the preferences of individual customers and provides similar services.

e. Communities.

The customers served as a special one from a different set of communities in the company. Here, the customers help each other in solving problems regarding the services and products of the company. Different knowledge concerning any company product could be easily shared and reviewed in such communities.

f. Co-creation.

When any customer contributes to the outcome of the company’s product and service, they share a special relationship, this is called co-creation.

6. Customer Segment.

Identifying your target customer would be the best way to build a business model. You must know the statement of customer your company is trying to serve. The customers could be segregated into two different sets. There could be mass market, niche market fragmented, diversify and multi-sided platform.

In the customer segment, you must consider the following things:

a. Identify the target market.

b. Your important set of customers.

c. Draw a plan for them.

d. Requirements of the customers.

e. Preferences of the customers.

f. Concept of the customer market.

7. Channels.

Different types of channels are used by companies to provide them the value propositions to the targeted customers. The channels need to be effective and easy or else it creates disruption in the business, and the delivery of the value proposition might be delayed. Through this particular segment of the business model Canvas template you could find out the answers to the following questions regarding channels:

How to deliver the value proposition?

How to reach the customer segment?

What channels would be used in the process?

Are the channels adopted cost-effective?

Could they be utilized effectively in the long run?

Is the channel efficient enough?

8. Cost Structure.

The cost structure is the amount of money contributed to the operation of the business. It refers to the amount the company spends on its operations. However, the structure of the business model depends on the company’s driving force objective. A cost-driven company focuses on minimizing the cost, whereas a value-driven company on enhancing the value of the quality for the customer.

So while getting into this section of the business model Canvas template, find the following:

  • Cost of companies basis model.
  • Drivers of cost.
  • The key resources and key activities contribute to the cost structure.
  • Relation of the cost structure with the revenue stream.
  • Companies utilization the scale of economy of scale.
  • The proportion of the fixed cost and variable cost.

9. Revenue streams.

The revenue stream is the flow of money in a business or enterprise. The main source of revenue for any business is typically the sale of goods or services. A company can also make money off investments, sponsorship, and crowdfunding. Revenue streams are an important concept to know about in order to grow your business.

While it’s not easy to have a successful business without running into some issues along the way, it can be done with careful planning and research on what type of product will generate the most revenue for your company.

Business Model Canvas Template 001


Business Model Template 003 The Social Business Model Template
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Business Model Canvas Template 002


Customizable Business Model Canvas Template


Business Model Workshop Template Changeable Business Model Canvas Template
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Business Project Model Template

Business Project Model Template


How Do You Present Your Business Model?

Presentation is the key when you bring in innovative ideas on the ground. When you Introduce your new business model to the people, convincing becomes the objective. If you want people to talk about your business model, you must show how great it is, and how your idea would benefit the company.

There are various ways of communicating your business model with people without really having to talk much about it. Know the skills of designing and presenting your business model, so it grabs the attention of people around.

a. Present it as an art.

When we want people to recognize our effort and work, we must show it to them. It is hard to get the opportunities where we will constantly be able to convince our work. The professional way of doing it is presenting it as an art. If you feel your business model is great, then it must look great.

Create the first impression by presenting it as a sketch that is understandable even if it doesn’t talk.

Incorporate some graphical work and sketches that better represent your business ideas through the business model so you do not need to do much talking but your presentation will.

b. Pitch your Presentation.

One of the effective ways of presenting your model and engaging the audience with the presentation is to pay it through the slides. Use your PowerPoint skills and prepare a PPT. Incorporate several presentation tricks to engage people and let them believe in your work. When you go through this process you do not only showcase your presentation virtually, but you are using the opportunity to speak about it as well. And as a developer and creator of a business model, no one could talk well about it if not the designer itself. So go for this approach if you are convenient with or else you could go for posters and put them on the wall of the office, so people get to seat while they walk by it.

Business Model Template 004 Government Service Model Canvas Template
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Smart Government Challenge Lean Canvas Template



Business Model Canvas Template For Medical Educators

Sustainability Advantage Business Model Template

Business Model Canvas Template For Medical Educators Sustainability Advantage Business Model Template
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Business Model Changeable Template


Business Model Canvas II Template


Non Profit Business Model Canvas Template

Business plan canvas

Non Profit Business Model Canvas Template Business Model Template 005
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Business Model Fillable Canvas Template


Mission Model Canvas Template



Business Model Canvas Templates

M-Sport Business Model Canvas Templates

Business Model Canvas Uber Template m-Sport Business Model Template
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