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Due to personal reasons, be it medical or other unavoidable circumstances, there are times when an individual has to take leave from office/work organization. When he returns to work, he has to fill in and submit a Return to Work Form to the human resource department. HR manager runs a routine checkup and ensures that the given excuses for the leave were legit and make the necessary arrangements for both employer and employee to go back to the regular working schedule.

Return To Work Form Template

Depending on the nature of the business, companies may have different guidelines and employees need to follow accordingly to get back to regular working schedules. Here, we have listed 22+ Sample Return to Work forms (RTW), and editable templates that can work as a primary standard guideline and companies can use them as editable prints for the employees. This diversified list covers different aspects like Medical medical leave form, Physician’s Work Release Form, personal fit to work declaration, etc. in MS Word and PDF format.

What is Return To Work Form

Accidental injuries, illness, or major life events like marriage may create a situation when an employee takes leave from a working organization. Before he can resume work again, he might have to fill in a back to work form along with documents like Physician’s Work Release Form certificate which vouch for the patient’s physical and mental fitness to go back to the normal working condition. To maintain a standard working environment, most companies require the employees to fill and submit a return to work form and acknowledgement from the HR department to be able to resume work again.

After returning to the office, the foremost thing an employee should do is to inform the Human resource department. He should also notify to his immediate superior or boss and register the attendance and also send a copy or email to him along with supportive documents, e.g. Physician’s Work Release Form or medical fit certificate for work release.

After examining the physician’s medical certificate, Human resource department may arrange special work schedule for the employee if there is a clear indication that he’s still in the recovery period and need particular measurement to recover fast and be fully efficient to go back to the regular working schedule.

The Main Signification of Return to Work to From

Asking for show cause when an employee returns to the work after work absence is a standard practice every working organization should perform. Yet, many companies failed to maintain this. Unless unnatural leave absence companies do not deduct salaries from the employee so they should make it a point or rather mandatory practice to show cause for the employee when they submit the application to leave or return to work after the absence.

According to the statistics, there are plenty of employers do not prefer to use a return to work form or ask for show-cause notice for varies factors such as follows:

  • Primarily, employers do not want to jeopardize the relationship with their employees over this matter, and they trust their employees and consider verbal communication is enough.
  • Most of the companies do not have sufficient resource or infrastructure to conduct this procedure smoothly.
  • The outcome it offers is way less significant than the time it would take to complete the process. Companies prefer to give way more importance to save precious time and want their employees to go back to the working schedule as early as possible.

Most of these reasons mentioned above are quite valid. However, still, companies could gain enough insight into individual employee behaviour and reasoning over leave application if they maintain return to work form.

For an example, when an employee submits the return to work form along with Physician’s Work Release Form certificate after the sickness absence period, subsequent document vouch for the fact that the employee was indeed ill. The company can record the documentation and track the leave application behaviour. If they find any discrepancy or accusatory, they can indeed take the necessary action to maintain a great working environment for the company.

If crafted right, filling up a return to work form would not take more than five minutes or greater than ten minutes to review. Companies should make necessary arrangements to conduct the return to work interview and make sure the return to work form is also submitted in time with complementary documentation where required to maintain a great workplaces absences record.

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return-to-work-form 5 Phased return to work form
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Work Release Forms (Templates)

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When it is Necessary to Submit Physician’s Medical Release Form to Return to Work:

This entirely depends on the situation and the company policy. Different companies may have their own requirements for employees returning to work. If Company’s policy says employees need to submit a doctor’s medical release form. In that case, the employee should follow the company guideline by submitting the Physician’s Medical Release certificate to Return to Work.

Companies approach towards employee joining back to work may be different from one another depending on the country or the state’s rules, and that is why a company should make sure to have a customized release to work form. Here are a list of situations when an employee should submit a physician’s note along with back to work form.

  • ADA Act or American’s with disabilities: In order to provide equal employment opportunities for disabled individuals, companies may ask for Physician’s certificate form the employee who has taken the medical leave. According to ADA’s guideline, employers may request the additional relevant information from the Physician or the healthcare provider who has treated the employee to have the better understanding of the employee health condition and disabilities. After learning the employee’s physical condition company may arrange necessary or possible accommodation to provide a better working environment and also consider the option of functional limitations for the employee.
  • FMLA aka Family and Medical Leave ActU.S Department of Labor has a guideline on Family and Medical Leave Act which states an employer can request for the doctor’s note. Companies can reach out to the employees, asking them to furnish certification from their doctor or healthcare provider for FMLA leave documentation. Doctor’s fit to work certificate would work as additional documentation, and Fmla Return To Work Form will support the FMLA leave application made by the employee. The guideline also states that employers are limited to request this documentation in every six months or under specific special circumstances. In addition to that company may ask the employee to furnish additional fitness-for-duty document after the FMLA leave before returning back to the work to prove the employee is physically fit and healthy to go back the working schedule.
  • General Sick leave: As stated earlier company can have their own individual attendance policies and ask for doctor’s certificate additionally along with work return form. This standard practice can be carried out for all employees to have an excellent balancing working environment. However, companies can make sure not to include employee’s diagnosis or medical condition to the report and state the basic reason for medical leave. The most crucial information these documents verify that employees have gone through the check-up procedure under the supervision of a professional medical practitioner. This document should also provide the background information of the illness and if required to implement any period of restrictions or incapacity to perform certain working features. It is also an employer’s duty to accommodate a safe and comfortable working environment for the employee who needs special attention according to the medical certificate guideline provided by the healthcare professional. Companies should also refrain themselves from asking employees to furnish information other than the necessary medical report for leave, and additional information which employee is not comfortable sharing or they might violate some certain laws. This is why it is important that the company and employee both understand the medical sick leaves condition and restriction to be on the same page to have a better workspace culture.
  • Worker’s Regular compensationUnless unusual circumstances companies do not deduct salaries from the employee for a short sick leave, but they are entitled to ask for this document if any sick leave application is raised related to work.

An employer also has to make a safe working environment for all the workers. If any employee returns to work after a medical condition which might pose a threat to other employee’s health safety, then they might take necessary official action to restrict the worker to rejoin the workforce. The company should ask for additional documentation (medical release form to return to work) other than return to work form to ensure the said employee does not pose any threat to other employees and vouch for not being contagious.

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Notice period intimation an employee should give to return to work after having baby:

‘Ordinary maternity leave’ is the period of first 26 weeks of maternity, and one can join back to work in completion of that period under the law right.

If you have to take more than 26 weeks leave that falls under the law of “additional maternity leave’, and you still can return to your older job. But may not be alloted to the same job function as before as there might have been signification changes during the period. Though the job role may be differnt from the earlier, the following must be the same:

  • Pay Grade
  • Benefits
  • Seniority (Experiance)
  • Holiday Entitlement (Basic & Additional)
  • Location

Working status and environment could be the same or better than before, but certainly, it cannot be worse.

Condition of rejoining:

Showing up to your office all of a sudden after taking an extended break might not be an ideal situation for both, and you must inform your employer at least eight weeks before going back to your job. That way, the employer can make the necessary arrangements which suit better for a working environment for a new mother. When writing the return to work letter, make sure you clearly state:

  • If you plan to go back to work earlier, then expected timeframe.
  • If you would like to change the joining date

It is also very normal if you do not wish to continue anymore. In that case, write a resignation letter clearly stating the reason, and upon completion of the formalities, you can redeem all the benefits you have accumulated over the years.

Return to Work release form Notification of sickness absense
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Return to work certification Funtional ability form for timely return to wok
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What a Return to Work Form Helps to Achieve:

Return to work form document helps to maintain the right working environment. Employer uses this form to register and track the employee who have been absent from work and the reason for absence. If required, this procedure also helps to scrutinize the depth of the situation and whether an injured or ill employee should be allowed to stay at home and grant further leave period till he become physically fit to rejoin the company. Having a well-organized return to work form assist to deal with employee absences is a structured manner, and the company can evaluate the human resource availability and take informed decision to carry on the healthy unhindered operation.

Maintaining a return to work form is a process that enables the company to handle return to work process smoother both for employee and employer. They can coordinate with each other and settle for the best working solution by drafting the back to work form.

Fillable return to work form template would vary a bit as the nature of the companies, and business operation areas differ from one another. Also, the reason and leave track record for an individual employee can be different aw well. So it is critical to maintaining a flexible back to work form where employee and situation based details can be added.

Closign Words:

Return To Work Form or back to work form is a useful instrument, and it helps to smooth the process to facilitate the employee to back to work in an organized manner. This document gives the oppurtunity to monitor and keep track of the employee absence pattern and the reason behind it that company can make a better working environment to reduce the workplace absences caused by injury or sickness.

A company should make sure to use the appropriate work return to work form to avail all the benefits it has to offer. Printable return to work from templates are the quick escape to make a customized form following the requirements and details.

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