37+ Sample Price Comparison Templates in Excel & Word Format

Comparing prices of products and services and writing it down in the price comparison template is the best way to pick a valid vendor or supplier. Using a Price Analysis Excel Template helps you select the right seller so that the purchase of goods and services costs you lighter, and you could save your fund by a certain percentage.

Irrespective of who you are, you are a business person or general individual, before buying any high-end product or purchasing the product in bulk, weighing the prices of different places is essential. It does not matter if you are worthy of spending a lot on the product or not, but what matters is the real deal. Different sellers hold different price rates, but as a purchaser, you would always require to get the particular seller who has their rate in your budget as well as the provider of a quality product. Therefore, analysis and comparison of products based on their price and quality is a smart move that results in a good purchase.

What is a Price Comparison Template?

A price comparison template, also known as a vendor comparison template, is a table with vendors listed on a page to compare the prices of the product and to make the right choice.

This document constitutes the name of the vendors and the prices they are offering. The prices of each vendor are compared with others, and the one with the affordable deal is chosen.

Other than comparing the prices of the vendors, the price comparison is an equal contribution in analyzing the prices of the competitors. The businesses that are similar to your trading might have some similar demands, and accordingly, you have to choose the vendors, so you do not lose one. Furthermore, the price comparison would help you compare the sales figures by evaluating the performances of the products. Tracking the revenue of the companies would become easier with the price comparison. Therefore to compare the prices of the product on the basis of its income and compare the products internally and externally to find the best vendor, price comparison is needed.

Sample Price Comparison Templates

Price Comparison Grocery List Template Vendor Pricing Template
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Public Transit Vehicle Purchase Template


Cost Comparison Example

Cost Comparison Template

Cost Comparison Travel Worksheet Template Travel Cost Comparison Form Template
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Twelve months of Billing Comparison Template


Why do We Need a Price Comparison?

Comparing prices proposed by the vendors is essential, but why. The simple answer would be to choose an affordable and quality product-providing vendor. But there are other sides to this method as well.

  • A well-crafted price comparison template helps the buyer choose the right purchaser. There are various brands and companies available in the market interested to sell their products to large business houses and individuals. But, before making a purchase, we enquire the prices of the same product to the different brands, evaluate them and then buy the affordable brand and of good quality.
  • The minimal product does not require a price comparison chart, but a business house that purchases in bulk, and has a huge investment behind it essentially builds the price comparison template Excel to compare the products offered in the market and take the informed decision.
  • The price comparison template is more beneficial for companies dealing with large investments, especially businesses with a set budget. Without proper evaluation of prices in the market, a business cannot invest in it. For a business house, it is not possible to keep in mind every detail of the suppliers available in the market. They need a written document that will display the options available to them, so they could choose among them.
  • The varied options open in the market confuses the organizations to get their hands on the right one. It’s a challenging task to select the best vendor among all. There is no such concrete process to figure out the best vendor in the market, and over that, the availability of many makes it a challenge. But with a Vendor Comparison Template, this challenge might seem easy, as you have the listing in front of you, and the economical choice would be taken by comparing the prices of the brands you have in the option.
  • If you are doubtful whether to craft the cost comparison analysis template, verify if your organization is dealing in bulk and has a huge investment to make behind the same. Also, find the options available to your organizations. If the number extends more than 3 or 5, then you must build the price comparison template to evaluate the product cost and select the vendor who is ready to supply the product at affordable prices.
  • While making the price comparison template, you search for different brands available in the market. It increases the knowledge and gives an idea of the current condition of the industry. Doing the study is a beneficial process even if it doesn’t lead to the right choice of vendor, as your company is open towards the brand available who are manufacturing the same product have a different price rate.
  • Suppose your company is dealing with a similar product or the same product, in such a case to find out the selling price, you need to search for the current rate running in the market. It would additionally give you the information of the organizations dealing with the same product.
  • Before manufacturing the same product making a price comparison template would serve as a beneficial document to you as it will lay down your competitors. Before you start the business, it allows you to do market research and find out the current market condition. The demand and supply of the product happening in the market gives an extended view of whether the similar product but from a different brand will be accepted by the consumers.
  • For a business, before commencing with any such business plan, they need to chalk out the cost of manufacture and sale. The raw materials required to produce the product have a certain price. Bath different vendors or suppliers have their own price rate set. Organizations need to research the market well and find out the affordable deal. Therefore, to have the best vendor who will be supplying the good quality product at an affordable price, this vendor comparison template Excel should be crafted.
  • Other than the business houses, the general individual also creates the price comparison templates to evaluate the prices and which brand can benefit them. The best way to make the smart choice is to be the price comparison template and list down the brands available in the market. They put their shopping list on the same page and compare the prices of different brands. As per the rating, the product quality, and the reasonability, the right decision is taken.
  • It is most likely to happen when there is a big party to be thrown and all the arrangements are made by the family members.
    When the responsibility is handed over to an event planner, they craft a professional price comparison template as well. When planned by the house members, they essentially build the comparison template Excel or simply download comparison templates access free to download and list down the things required and compare the prices.

Adjustment Comparison Template

Comparison Of College Cost Worksheet Template

Apartment Comparison Worksheet Template Comparison College Costs Template
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Membership Management Price Comparison Template


Free Price Comparison Excel  Template

Sample Price Comparison Word Template

Vendor Price Comparison Template Cost Comparison Worksheet Template
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Tree Protection Supply Products Comparison Tool Template


Pricing Comparison Chart Template


What are the Guidelines to Follow to Build the Price Comparison?

The price comparison template is usually about the variables incorporated in it. It is those variables that serve as a basis for making the right decision. It varies from organization to organization. The variables are many, but including all in a single sheet, will confuse the organization. Therefore, you need to sort out the variables first and then organize the template. So let us see the kind of variables considered by organizations to select the vendors.

A. User-friendly and spontaneous.

The product and the deal offered are judged on their ease of use and intuitiveness. The company verifies if the product and services are user-friendly and spontaneous enough.

B. Properties.

The product features and their functioning is one of the significant variables to judge the product. No matter what price it is, the organization always verifies the product quality before buying them.

C. Price.

Above all, the price is the main factor every organization considers. Well, this might not be the right way to decide the vendor, but when the budget is fixed, and there is a time constraint, a few companies determine their deal by looking at the price only. It is completely fine if the consumers consider the price only but an organization would see all angles of the product and its offer and select the best among them.

D. Technology and warranty.

The security of the product is of most importance to few companies, whereas there are companies who are more inclined towards the technology. Here, you cannot say it is right or it is wrong. It mostly depends on the priority of the organization. If the priority of the business is to manufacture the right Technology with full security then this variable could exist in the first list.

E. Support.

This particular variable is not totally Technology oriented has any relation with the technical field of the product. The support could be the customer support and the suppliers’ support as well. It ensures the company when they are in trouble.

F. Consumers.

The statement “Consumer is the King” is well known in the business industry and it is entirely true since it is the customer or the consumers to adapt the product. The more customers the company could hold, there would be more supply and thereby increase sales. Since the major objective is to maximize the profit, it would only happen if the people accept the product to be manufactured.

Other variables like integration, customization, maintenance, and vertical expertise also exist. Consideration of each variable is not viable, therefore the company creates a priority list and assigns the column for each variable based on which the informed decision is to be taken.

As of now, you are aware of the kind of variables used by companies to make the choice. Your company is to decide now as to what variables will be considered in the line. Letters inform you that no company considers all of them. Every organization has different perspectives and priorities.

For some, it is the price that matters the most whereas for others it could be the technology or the vertical expertise.

1. At the beginning, sort out the variables and accordingly search for the brands available in the market.

2. Remember to shortlist the variable first, as it would be the basis to find the brands.

3. Once you have shortlisted the brand or the suppliers, put them in a separate column price analysis Excel template.

4. Using the columns and rows of the Google spreadsheet or Excel, the product requirement and its quantity is to be written first.

5. If the organization budget is already set, include it in the informative section, which would also include the company name and its description.

6. Sequentially allot the column head. Start from the left-hand side with the product requirement and its quantity and then move on to the variables. The variable in the priority should be in the first and then the others as per the rate.

7. Start rating the vendors using the variables. In this process, you are figuring out the right vendor by comparing the vendor’s variable with others.

8. Keep calm and add up to a weighted score. The supplier for the brand with the most weighted score would be the appropriate brand to deal with.

To have a clear definition, you could build charts or graphs as well. A bar graph or a pie chart will be a convenient tool to represent the differences and the comparison of products. The higher-level management, your supervisor, or higher-ups would never like to go through the entire data listed. Drawing a bar chart saves their time of reading and serves as transparent information.

Price Per 16oz Template Seed Cost Comparison Worksheet Template
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Price comparison of Multi-Function Devices Template


Xgility Cost Comparison Worksheet Template Sample Price Comparison Template
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Services Price Comparison Chart Template


Simple cost comparison template excel Format

Price comparison template google sheets Sample

Cost of Living Comparison Template Backing Price Comparison Worksheet Template
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Competitor price comparison excel Worksheet

Vendor price comparison template

Flow Rate and Price Comparison Chart Template Editable Price Comparison Template
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Smile Advantage Price Comparison Chart Child Plan Template


Price Per Square Foot Comparison Template 2019 Price Comparison Chart Template
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Price Comparison Fillable Chart Template


Bid comparison template Word Format

Bid comparison template Excel Format

Compare Prices of Window Treatments Template Dog Food Pricing Guide Template
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Specification & Price Comparison Chart

Specification and Pricing Comparison Chart Template


Quotation comparison template

Price comparison chart template

Pricing Plan Comparison Chart Template Shipment Price Comparison Chart Template
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Contact Lens Price Comparison Template


Shrimp Price Comparison Chart Template Changeable Price Comparison Chart Template
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Fillable Pricing Plan Comparison Chart Template


Comparison of Unit Prices And Cost Estimates Template Over The Counter Medication Price Comparison Template
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Customizable Price Comparison Chart Template Fillable Price Comparison Template
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