30+ Balanced Scorecard Template Example (Word, Excel)

Having a balanced scorecard is essential to demonstrate the company’s approach towards a project strategy. The vision plan and organized tactics crafted by a company is a track created that helps the stakeholders, board of directors, the council, and the shareholder’s management system. Companies are responsible to the citizens and partners for a strategic plan of a project objective, functioning, procedure, values, and mission. The balanced scorecard template helps them comprehend the strategic role activities used for project completion.

Using a balanced scorecard template, the company aligns the strategic move of the project with the outlook. It focuses on several perspectives that are directly proportional to the companies take on a project. Usually, the strategy is observed from 4 perspectives-

1. Financial- Outline the use of financial resources.

2. Customer Calculates the customer preference and satisfaction.

3. Internal- reviews the internal performance of the organization.

4. Learning and growth- Views the organizational potential concerning the infrastructure, capital that contributes to the performance.

What is a Balanced Scorecard Template?

A balanced scorecard template is a framework used in companies to measure the performance of an organization with company strategy and tactics.

It is a management system with additional performance measures that help the organization measure the execution and set strategies in alignment with the tactics to build a positive influence in the long term success.

Balanced Scorecard Templates


Balanced Scorecard Template


The Balanced Scorecard Template


Balanced Scorecard Project Menu Templates

Balanced Scorecard Worksheet Template

Balanced Scorecard Project Menu Templates Balanced Scorecard Worksheet Template
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Balanced scorecard example Template

Customizable Balanced Scorecard Template



Wilder-Waite Grade School Balanced Scorecard - 2013-2014 Template Download

Balanced scorecard strategy template

Basic balanced scorecard template

Balanced Scorecard 2014-15 Template Project Scorecard Template
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Who Originated the Balanced Scorecard?

The strategical measure-balanced scorecard, abbreviated as BSC was developed by Dr. Robert Kaplan, an accounting academic at Harvard University, and Dr. David Norton, a theorist. It was originally introduced by these two personalities after your long observation with the top 10 companies.

The theory of balance scorecard was first published in an article- “The Balanced Scorecard- Measures That Drive Performance“. The Harvard Business Review published this article in the year 1992 that mentions the fact that the balanced scorecard is specifically for the profit organization but later, it has been adopted by nonprofit organizations and government entities as well.

Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton comprehended the four areas a company needs to focus on to acknowledge the potential of the company in the long run.

Sample Balanced Score Card Template


Chapter Balanced Scorecard Template

Balanced Scorecard Project Menu Model Template

Chapter Balanced Scorecard Template Balanced Scorecard Project Menu Model Template
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Performance Measurement Organization Balanced Scorecard

Organization Balanced Scorecard Template


What Involves in the Strategic Movement of a Balanced Scorecard of an HR?

In the chart of the strategic movement of a company, HR follows a few rules to be able to make an efficiently balanced scorecard.

1. Objective.

Every company has a key objective often referred to as a high-level organizational goal. It is the major objective set by a company that they need to accomplish within a certain duration.

Setting an objective is one of the strategic movements that have an alignment with the tactics. In the course, the balanced scorecard template verifies if the strategy adopted by the company to reach the organizational goal is applicable in actuality.

2. Measures.

Measuring the performance level of an organization and its speed towards the objective is one of the strategic development of a company. The high-level organizational goal the company has set requires two or a maximum of three measures to calculate if they are accomplishing the objectives as per the strategy.

3. Initiative.

The initiative is the action, activities, or projects of a company. Every objective has initiatives that drive the force towards the objective.

4. Action.

In this section, the responsibilities are delegated from one organization level to the other based on the initiative. The responsibilities and duties are authorized person to achieve the initiative taken.

Above mentioned strategic movement is a summary of the balanced scorecard. Let’s start from the peak, the objective is set, the measures come into being to see if the right objective is an asset by the company, and then appears the initiative that the activities are taken by the company to reach the objective. Lastly, it is followed by action that delegates the responsibilities that lead the company to focus on the objective, measure, and initiative.

The actions would take if the first three factors are working in the right direction or not. Past the necessary actions taken, if it seems that the areas are not improving, then you might require to modify the overall strategy.

Free balanced scorecard template excel format

KPI scorecard template

Independent Review Balanced Scorecard Template Editable Balanced Scorecard Template
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Oxfordshire County Council Balanced Scorecard Template


Work Group Balanced Scorecard Template

Performance Balanced Scorecard Template

Work Group Balanced Scorecard Template Performance Balanced Scorecard Template
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Changeable Balanced Scorecard Template


Why Build a Balanced Scorecard Template?

The time when Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton introduced a strategy of Management for a company, they have worked with 12 different profit organizations; therefore, there remain some valid benefits. Let us discuss the advantages of building a balanced scorecard in detail.

1. Progress in company strategy.

Building strategic planning for a company requires a framework and focus. You are needed to analyze the forward-looking questions and then build a company strategy. Instead of developing a rough sketch of the strategic planning, it is better to build a balanced scorecard. Compared to a usual print, a balanced scorecard template is beneficial as it improves the statistical planning and leads a company to reach the objective set.

Since a balanced scorecard template is a written strategy, it helps the company forecast the performance in the long run, and with every passing time, it helps in progressing the strategical move. As you know, the balanced scorecard template aligns the tactic along with the strategy; it helps in a better and structured way, thereby contributing to the company strategy in the long run.

2. Better comprehension of strategy.

Building a strategic plan no doubt improves the movement, but unless it is completely perceived by the employers and employees of the company, it is of no use. But by a balanced scorecard template, you can make the employees and the employer understand the company strategy and take action accordingly.

Each department in the company is required to line up the strategies according to their space and take the initiative. As we have already mentioned in the section above, there exist objectives, measures, initiatives, and actions involved in the strategy it has to go in a step-by-step manner, so each Department can comprehend the approach of the company towards a particular project or high-level organizational goal.

3. Better alignment.

The tactics and the company’s strategy, when in a parallel line, can result in a successful outcome; therefore, a business scorecard template is a convenient tool for the process. The departments of the company, when aligning with the strategy, this is when the company performs according to the plan. This is why you should build a business scorecard template and also because of the fact that without alignment, you would not reach the company objective.

4. Better work performance.

If your company built a business scorecard to have a better strategic plan, it would notice and enhance work performance within the departments and divisions. Not only it will improve the work but also help to channel the reporting better. Adopting a certain strategic plan is not enough to reach the company goal it is equally significant to channel of communication and reporting process, both internally and externally.

Using a business scorecard template lays down a clear path as it involves initiative and action and equally assists the users to know what data to report to the one accountable.

5. Increases morale.

A good company strategy, business scorecard, has always been a contribution to employee motivation. When you produce a well-structured plan to reach your company’s strategy in front of your employees and employer, it inspires them from within at thereby increases morale.

Seeing the company put effort to make their work easier, which is definitely for wellbeing, is a point of improvement for the employee and their work.

6. Review strategy.

Reviewing strategies is a daunting task, but for good, it should not be considered a dropped idea. But a business card makes employers and another review strategy regular, which initiates a modification and makes the scorecard flexible in nature. As far as The authenticity of the business scorecard is concerned, it should be flexible enough because the situation and the company financial status do not remain fixed, and therefore you should review the company strategy on a duration.

Example of balanced scorecard

Quarterly Mental Health Balanced Scorecard Template

Fillable Balanced Scorecard Template Quarterly Mental Health Balanced Scorecard Template
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Long Form Balanced Scorecard Template MetricNet Balanced Scorecard Builder Template For Service Desks
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Balanced Scorecard Management System Template

Customizable Project Scorecard Template

Balanced Scorecard Management System Template Customizable Project Scorecard Template
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What makes a Balanced Scorecard Effective?

Drafting of Balanced scorecard using a balanced scorecard template isn’t difficult, but before penning it down in the form of a document, you require to use the perspective be discussed, and then frame the balanced scorecard.

There exist different techniques of using the management tool and building a balanced scorecard. Chronologically use the process to end up in an effective balanced scorecard.

1. A good company vision.

Begin the process, by setting an objective for your company. Your company should have a high-level organizational goal for which you are planning to create the balanced scorecard. Therefore it is important to have an objective and company vision to give inspiration.

2. Set priorities.

Your company must establish a list of priorities, so there remains a notable difference between the correct priority and the future preferences. Running SWOT analysis will help you bring in the priorities as it will visualize the strength, weaknesses, opportunities. It is essential for organizational goals and future well-being.

3. Consider probable factors.

Scheduling the strategies and making them successful requires consideration. The policies and the plan composed for your company’s well-being have a sum of factors that you need to find out and work on it have a better performance. To instigate the factors and focus on the areas to be considered.

4. Focus on initiatives.

The next work could be to find out the initiatives after you have been involved in the measures. The actions are the essential components of strategies at their four initiative is the one to look for.

5. Actions.

Conclude your business scorecard by adding in the actions. The activities and the operations associated with the strategies should be aligned in the business scorecard template. Make sure the strategies are in a parallel line with the tactics, or else it would not be applicable in actuality.

If you consider setting the strategies on a business scorecard as the end of things, then you might be wrong, since the work starts after the preparation. Therefore at the time of drafting the business scorecard, the strategies should be in alignment, so the employees understand how it has to be operated.

Many companies set up strategies, but they fail to apply them in real life, leading all the efforts to waste. Therefore, setting up a good strategy aligning with the real-life application is the key to achieving the high-level organizational goal.

What Role Does a Balanced Scorecard Play in Healthcare Services?

The hospitals and primary Healthcare Institutions use a balanced scorecard to measure and track performances. It helps initiate a new plan and get onto the strategies to make it successful. The balanced scorecard makes any plans successful concerning the Healthcare services beat in the form of setting up of Pharmacy or transforming Hospital into a patient-centric center.

The balanced scorecard is utilized in essential departments to see its financial performance and human services.

The BSC and supports the Vision and Mission of any department in the hospital.

It provides a broader visualization of the performance of the hospital and therefore serves as a mirror of establishing the strategic plan.

In Healthcare organizations, the BSC keeps a check on the financial status, its usage, the quality, the practices, and the value. Since the balanced scorecard help, the institution head of the board of directors sees these internal matters, they receive a perspective using which the management could design any new plan on management steam if required.

Every Healthcare institution must adopt a balanced scorecard to connect with the internal elements that usually do not come up. As a management team or the owner of the hospitals, it would be a benefit of you, if the balanced scorecard is used since it would make you look into things that were undercover. You will be able to see the requirements not only in the frontline but also in the management.

Short Form Balanced Scorecard Template Balanced Scorecard Work Template
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Balanced Scorecard Template 002


Balanced Worksheet Scorecard Template


Balanced Scorecard Project Template

School Balanced Scorecard Assessment Template

Balanced Scorecard Project Template School Balanced Scorecard Assessment Template
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